“Agroprodservice” company summarized the year 2017

“Agroprodservice” company summarized the year 2017. Photo 1

Recently, managers of “Agroprodservice” company summarized the last year’s work in the hall of Regional Philharmonic.

More than 300 workers came to the event and the best of them were awarded with “Company’s Patriot” honourable distinctions, watches engraved with their names, remunerations and keys from new company cars – Renault Duster.

“Agroprodservice” company summarized the year 2017. Photo 2

“Summing up 2017, I would like to express my gratitude to each person who is proud of their work in our team; and also to people who are still with us for 19 years; to people who have just recently began working with us. Thanks to all who understand their role in handling this huge ship called “Agroprodservice”,” pointed out Ivan Chaikivskyi, CEO of “Agroprodservice” company.

Ivan Chaikivskyi, CEO of “Agroprodservice” company

We would like to point out key parameters of the work of “Agroprodservice” company in 2017. They were announced by company’s top management at the annual summing up event.

“Agroprodservice” company summarized the year 2017. Photo 3

Formal Employment.

First of all, it is social and pension insurance. All required payments are the responsibility of the company; the budget history of each employer is created. The person can concentrate on work and be confident in the future.

High Salary.

Average monthly salary of the company in the end of 2017 is close to 11 thousand hryvnias. It is done not only because of conditions and requirements of labor market. It’s also our benchmark. Fringe benefits are given to the people who work in the company for a long time – more than 10 or 15 years. The sum of this year fringe benefit is equal to 1 million 20 thousand hryvnias.

The company is always interested in professional personnel. That’s why we constantly offer our employers to take part in different trainings, seminars etc. It is an opportunity for career development and, as a result, higher salary for people.

Sanatorium Treatment.

Professionals who have been working in the company for more than 3 years get an opportunity for annual sanatorium treatment funded by our company. We offer people visit sanatoria on the best of Ukrainian health resorts – Khmilnyk, Truskavets, Morshyn, Konopkivka. For instance, 95 people improved their health in 2017. Annual treatment in summer camps is also organized for children of our employers. 55 children took part in it in 2017.

Traditionally, people are rewarded for their achievements. On the occasion of different holidays and ceremonial events, the company rewards its employers, their children, owners of land shares. We help retired people, low-income people in the villages where we cultivate land, people in difficult circumstances. We support anti-terrorist operation soldiers who work in our company. The total sum of social securities in 2017 is more than 3,5 mln hryvnias.

It was the fourth year as we reached the peak of the next mountain in the Carpathians devoted to the company’s birthday. This year company top managers also tried their hands in Dniester rafting. All of it let us unite colleagues, form the team of like-minded people which can reach the best results.

“Agroprodservice” company summarized the year 2017. Photo 4

It is also worth to emphasize on the following social initiatives:

Assistance in organizing art events.

Rozkoliada Holiday in Yarchivtsi, Art Festival “Ji”, Koza-Fest, Student Republic, gastronomic festivals, festival of jazz music, festival of the Ukrainian cereal farmer.

Support for villages and communities.

The company purchased medical facilities and presented it to Lanivtsi community. We also helped schools in Nastasiv and Lozova villages on the occasion of their anniversary; we established cooperation with Berezhany Agrotechnical College. We began giving tours around our enterprise and Ternopil Meat Processing Plant.

One of the most important spiritual initiatives is a built chapel in Zolota Sloboda village, presented 9 reproductions of miracle-working icon of Zarvanytsia Virgin Mother to the deaneries where we cultivate land, and published on this occasion church calendar for the next year.

Press Service of “Agroprodservice” company

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