In Crimea the number of kremlin`s political prisoners increased to 57 people

Crimean Tatars are not terroristsThere are now 100 children living in the peninsula without any support from their parents who are considered to be victims of repression.

At present 57 political prisoners are counted in Crimea that was annexed by the Russian Federation.

This message was declared by Eskender Bariiev who is a chairman of the Crimean Tatar resource center and a member of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people.

Soon after Russia handed over Ilmi Umerov and Akhtem Chyigoz who were convicted in the Crimea to the Turkish Republic new detentions took place on the peninsula.

May we remind that on October 26, Chyigoz and Umerov flew to Boryspil and stayed in Ukraine.

Freedom to political prisoners

Freedom to political prisoners

According to the TSN


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