The Crimean Prosecutor's Office forms evidence for the second "Nuremberg trial" over Russian occupation forces

Nuremberg trialOn November 20, 1945, the trial over the former leaders of Hitler's Germany began in the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg. The main war criminals - politicians, military, ideologues of Nazism were convicted of crimes against peace, against humanity, war crimes.

The Nuremberg trial was the first trial, during which a clear distinction was made between law and legality - in Nazi Germany, laws that were not legal in nature were adhered to.

Since then, 72 years have passed, but today in the territory of the occupied Crimea, we observe almost every day the facts of the brutal suppression of the resistance of our citizens against the occupation of the peninsula, illegal detentions and searches, forced displacement of the indigenous population, displacement of the Ukrainian language from all spheres of public life, obstruction of religious rites and other violations of human rights.

According to the prosecutor of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Gunduz Mammadov, at the beginning of this year, the task of the Prosecutor's Office was to create an evidence base for the consideration of facts related to war crimes, namely crimes against humanity, genocide committed by occupiers in the Crimean peninsula , in the International Criminal Court.

"Our goal is to initiate an international litigation against the occupation authorities based on the example of the Nuremberg Process. To responsibility should be attracted not only performers, but also those who gave the criminal orders ", - says the prosecutor.

He notes that today, together with non-governmental human rights organisations, the first information message has been prepared, which will be forwarded to the International Criminal Court shortly. At the final stage there is another one.

"That is, I can frankly assure you that we are steadfastly stepping up the investigation into The Hague the crimes committed in the Crimea and hope for an international judicial process similar to the Nuremberg process," Gunduz Mammadov said.

Reference: According to the Resolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine dated February 4, 2015, No. 145-VIII "On the Statement of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine" On Recognition by Ukraine of the Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court for the Commitment of Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes by High Officials of the Russian Federation and Heads of Terrorist Organizations of the “DNR" and "LNR", which led to particularly grave consequences and the massacre of Ukrainian citizens ", the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine was identified as one of the subjects of the gathering of the necessary evidence base to appeal to the International Criminal Court according to the official website of the Prosecutor's Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.


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