Exploring forgotten places in Ternopil

Many people think that the most interesting places are located in big cities. Of course, you can visit museums, art galleries and exhibitions there. But today I’ll try to make you sure that the most beautiful and picturesque tourist attractions are situated even in small towns and villages. So, let’s start our journey to Ternopil Oblast (southern part).

Our first stop is Kryshtaleva Pechera (Crystal Cave) in Kryvche, Borshchiv district. You can get there by your car or public transport from Ternopil or Borshchiv. It’s called Crystal Cave because the walls of the cave are so bright and they shine like a crystal. You can take a guided tour of the beaten path and it’s about 2,5 kilometers. Or else you can explore it by yourself but don’t forget to take a flashlight. It’s really cold in the cave and the temperature is about 10 degrees Celsius in any season. So, if you go there, even in the summer, you should take a jacket or coat.

Kryshtaleva Pechera

First, you have to buy a ticket. The price for child is 20 UAH and for adult is 25 UAH. Then you enter the cave and you should turn on your imagination to see how clever and beautiful nature is. The cave is divided into many halls and each of them has its own name and interesting history. Moreover, the walls are dotted with bright crystal figures and they’re created by nature itself. For example, here you can see a dolphin, an owl, a firebird (Zhar-Ptytsya) etc. There is even a stone which can measure you waist because it’s very close to the wall and you should try to go between them. This tour will be interesting for children as well as for adults. There are many legends and historical facts which are illustrated with curious figures. I hope it’ll be really memorable experience for you.

The next stop is Monastyrok. It’s a small village in Borschiv district. There is a temple in the cave, founded in the 9th century AD. The cave was called as a pagan cave because pagans did their rituals and ceremonies there. The temple is located near the Seret. It’s almost 80 meters above the river. Today you can see the image of Jesus with closed eyes in the temple. It symbolizes that Christ couldn’t look at the miseries that people had done and he closed his eyes.

Near the cave you’ll see a mysterious large stone. It’s believed that this stone was used for making animal sacrifices. When it’s raining there, you’ll see like red rain drops are falling from the stone. As for me, here you can see the most beautiful and picturesque landscapes around the temple. It’ll make an unforgettable impression on anyone.

The 3rd stop is Chervonohorod, Zalischyky district. It’s given such name because the earth is red here. You’ll never find this name on any list of Ukrainian towns and villages or maps. It’s a forgotten town. A long time ago, Chervonohorod was the capital of Podillya. First it was destroyed by tatar attack, then World War I influenced badly on the state of the town. Finally, it disappeared in 20th  century. There you can see the ruins of Chervonohorod Castle and church.

Chervonohorod Castle

The Dzhuryn waterfall is the largest waterfall of the flat part of Ukraine but it’s artificial. There is a legend about the origin of the waterfall. It's believed that many years ago the Turks blocked the way of the river to have access to the castle and this new canal formed a waterfall.

The Dzhuryn waterfa

As for me, it’s a little bit difficult to get there. If you don't have an off-road vehicle, then better leave your car at the top. You’ll have to walk down and then go up on the way back because the road to the valley isn’t easy.

Now it’s popular with tourists like all big waterfalls. So, I recommend you to visit it in the morning. The Dzhuryn waterfall can be viewed from the other side of the river. Just cross the bridge. By the way, you can swim there, so don’t forget to take your swimsuit.

I’m sure if you visit all these places, you’ll have an incredible holiday. Good luck!

by Olena Chorna

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