Golden Gate

Golden Gate / Gate located in the center of Kiev, near the Saint Sophia’s Cathedral. Golden Gate in Kiev - a monument of fortification construction of 12 century, one of the few that have survived to our time. Once, the building struck by its grandeur and inaccessibility, over a large military tower was located Annunciation Church - it was quite symbolic for a Christian city, because the gate was at that time the main entrance to Kyiv. Golden Gate was built in 1164, after it completed the construction of protective walls of the New Town.
This is one of the three gates in strong earthen rampart that surrounded the "city of Yaroslav". It’s combined functions of the main  entrance to Kyiv and defensive buildings.
Golden Gate looked like two parallel walls long 25 and 13 meters and a height of about 8 meters. Under the leadership of Vincent Beretta were carried out work on strengthening the ruins: in some areas of ancient masonry repairs done, ruined brickwork complemented by new layers of tin coated eastern pylon, reinforced with stone buttresses, arranged metal connections, the area around the remnants of monuments surrounded by cast-iron fence . As such, the Golden Gate have survived. However, the precipitation monument collapsed forward, and it is extremely concerned scientists.
Architectural gate style, built by Vladimir differed from the other buildings, which were erected by architects of Europe. European buildings performed usually exceptionally protective function, representing a serf tower. Golden Gate in Kiev, rather, can be compared with the triumphant Golden Gate in Constantinople.
Golden Gate in Kiev was both a passes Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, which led to the main "aristocratic street" "city. Do not disappoint their creators Golden Gate in heavy days of Tatar siege in 1238. Conquerors decided that the gate is too inaccessible, and they began using machines to break   city wall elsewhere. 
Building grown old with time. From the notes of travelers 16-17 century, and judging from the pictures, taken in 1651, it is clear that at this time the Golden Gate were in a dilapidated condition, without losing status main entrance to Kyiv until the mid-18th century.  In 1648 the joyful citizens met Bohdan Khmelnytskyat  the Golden Gate, when he was returning from battle after the victory at Yellow waters. A Golden Gate in Kyiv officially entered the Russian embassy, after the unification of Ukraine with Russia in 1654.
 Golden Gate / primetour.uaBetween of the 17th and 18th centuries in Kiev began the reconstruction of fortifications and the gates were fortified earthen ramparts. In the middle 18  century ruins of the monument were covered with earth, and next to them were built new with the same name.
Only in 1832, the ancient Golden Gate again become available for review owing to KondratLohvytskyy,who used own means and money for reconstruction. Lohvytskyy was an amateur archaeologist, and his dilettantism caused irritation in professional archaeologists, but that  what he made for history of the Kyiv - invaluable. 
In the mid-20th century state of the Golden Gate aroused serious concerns among scientists. In 1970, appeared the idea to inclose the ancient remains of the monument pavilion that will protect them from exposure to atmospheric condition, and  will recreate the original appearance of the Golden Gate. Thus, the ruins will  preserved, and at the same time will have the opportunity to show the residents of Kyiv and guests of the city historic monument in the form in which it existed once.

Golden Gate /

Pavilion  reconstruction Golden Gate was opened in May 1982, to celebrate the 1500 anniversary of Kyiv. Now inside the shaft sections arranged exposition hall and stairs, which can climb up to admire the view of the modern Kyiv.
Foreign authors with enthusiasm wrote about Golden Gate. Polish diplomat, historian R. Heydenshteyn examined with great interest the Golden Gate, while he was in Kiev in 1596, and wrote about them.  P. Aleppo also left the memory about Golden Gate. First pictures of the Golden Gate, which preserved, dated 1651.
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