Kamianets-Podilskyi Fortress, Region: Khmelnytskyi

Kamianets-Podilskyi is a town that has kept the spirit of the Middle Ages. Its originality and uniqueness lies in its harmonious combination of landscape and medieval city urban planning structure, where military engineers, using superior natural properties, created a fortification system that is unique in Europe.

For creating a unique architectural appearance of Kamianets-Podilskyi in different periods of its history architects and sculptors from Italy, the Netherlands, Armenia, Poland, France, Turkey and others made their impact with craftsmanship.

Other winners of the project "7 Wonders of Ukraine: Castles, Fortresses and Palaces", oganised by the Foundation of Mykola Tomenko, "Motherland" (Ridna Krajina).

Today many tourists are attracted with successful combination of strong defensive walls of the city, the Old Castle (XII-XVIII century) and high cliffs of the river Smotrych canyon.

Kamianets-Podilskyi Fortress, Region: Khmelnytskyi

Extremely attractive for fans and fortifications is a New Castle complex, built in the XVII century that is the only surviving model of this type of Dutch school constructions. Keen interest has also unique Castle Bridge, which connects Old Town with the castle complex.

The composition of Kamianets-Podilskyi fortress includes eleven towers, each of which has its own name and history.

Thus, the highest tower is called Pontifical because it was built with funds sent by Pope Julius II. It is also called Karmeliuk tower, because Ukrainian national hero Ustym Karmelyuk was imprisoned there for three times. In the Black (corner) tower there is a deep well of 40 meters and with diameter of 5 meters, carved in the rock.

In the underground of the Palace complex there are opened exhibition, reproducing pages of its history. In the western bastion there is reconstructed panorama of castle defence in 1672 during Turkish invasion. In the eastern bastion there is located an exposition, dedicated to the history of light projectile weapons of Podillya, where the visitor can shoot a crossbow, feeling himself a medieval warrior. So far the system of passages and casemates is preserved.

Today, previously agreed, one can become a member of a theatrical night tour through the Old Fortress. Tour through the towers and the underground of the fortress is held by Kamianets “chief” and his “entourage”, who with interesting stories, songs, dances not only acquaint tourists with the history of the castle and weapons, but also create a unique sense of time travel.

Fortress visitors have the opportunity to ride on horseback, shoot a crossbow and meadows, personally engraved commemorative coin.

Translated by Khrystyna Vitenko.

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