My favorite city Odessa

My favorite city OdessaOf course, we all know that there are lot’s of beautiful cities in our Motherland, Ukraine. I would like to tell you about my favorite one in our country. It is “Odessa mama”. Odessa has many exciting attractions, different places of interest and famous monuments. This city has its own magic and mysterious history. In my opinion, the city is very suitable and interesting for both young and old people.

It does not look like any other city,that is why I always want to get back there.

So, speaking about me, I have visited Odessa many times, since I was a child. And every time this city opened in my mind and imagination in a new way. I visited a lot of interesting places, such as:

Deribasovskaya Street  is a symbol of Odessa, the most populous and vibrant street in a city. Today it is not even a street, but we can say an avenue, who likes to walk all citizens and their guests, because the traffic there is closed. The roadway was faced with masonry – paving blocks. Next to Deribasovskaya there is Odessa`s City Garden, together they create a great walking boulevard with restaurants, cafes and shops. This is a historic part of the city, because the Street is full of the old buildings of the architecture of 19th century.

 Deribasovskaya Street

Deribasovskaya Street 

The Potemkin Stairs (named after the rebellious battleship Potyomkin) are a formal entrance into the city from the direction of the sea. They were constructed from 1837 through 1841 to the design of the architect F. Bofford. They consist of 192 steps. ( P.S. I counted them personally)

The Potemkin Stairs

The Potemkin Stairs

Magnificent Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater is once echoed with concerts of famous artists. The interior of this impressive structure, Exquisite inside decor in the style of Viennese baroque blended with elements of the Italian Renaissance and French rococo, — all this tends to create a special atmosphere. I went there to Lucia's play,that was singing in Italian language. The ticket costs about 200 hryvnia.

Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater

Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater /

The sculptural ensemble of Laokoon is located in front of the archeological museum. Laokoon is the Greek pagan priest. In 1870 the Laocoon was established in a summer residence of Marazli, then the sculpture was transferred to the Preobrazhenskaya street, and only in 1971 it got to its present location.

The sculptural ensemble of Laokoon

The sculptural ensemble of Laokoon /

The Biggest of all Odessa’s beaches Arcadia. Is the largest and most developed beach in Odessa. In the entrance you can see long, shaded boulevard which boasts dozens of entertainment options ranging from karaoke to riding on a horse. Along this path, you will also notice dozens of cafes, restaurants and kiosks. There you can also see children's simulators and carousels to get fun. After about a 200 meter walk you will see a nightclub Ibiza, which sits slights before the entrance to the beach. Here you can meet famous Ukrainian stars. It is our personal recommendation to walk around until you see large water slides. Here is a full serviced part of Odessa’s Arcadia beach, which offers umbrellas and lying chairs for a fee. There is a bar on this part of the beach, soft music and waiter service. Changing rooms and showers are all included with the price.

Odessa’s beaches Arcadia

Odessa’s beaches Arcadia /

The most important reason why I love Odessa very much, it is a sea. My favorite beach is “Otrada”.

Odessa is a port city, that is washed by the Black Sea coast.

I also was in dolphinarium, where I saw dolphins, seals and so on. The program was fabulous. There are also different exciting memorials, sculptures, museums, theatres, libraries and fountains.

Dolphinarium. Odesa

Dolphinarium. Odesa /

I can confidently say that Odessa is one of the best cities in Ukraine. I can recommend everyone to get acquainted with this city and feel its peculiarity.

by Anastasiia Mykhailyshyn

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