Mykola Syadristy’s Museum of Microminiature

Museum of Microminiature / kudaufa.ruThe Museum of Microminiature is situated in Kyiv on the territory of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. The exhibition of the museum includes the work samples of only one master, whose talent is simply unique, impressive, special and magnific. The main peculiarity of his microminaitures lies in the fact that all his works he makes manually, according to an especial technology which demands exceptional skills and an ability to understand all features, properties and characteristics of materials, which are important and used for his works. Only in this museum, visitors can see the unique compositions, famous for its tiny size and precision execution. Each work in the museum is a masterpiece that took around half a year to create, and each must be viewed through a microscope. The favorite among all viewers is the caravan of camels trudging toward a pyramid and palm tree, all nestled within the eye of a needle.
Mykola Syadristy widely considered to be the world’s best microminiaturist. The author of the miniatures was born in Kharkiv in 1937. He graduated the Kharkiv Art College and after that he entered the Kharkiv Agricultural Institute. Then he worked as an agronomist at the same time domesticating the technique of miniatures making and getting famous for his masterpieces. Later he worked as an engineer at the Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Syadristy is a fully endowed personality. He was the master of sports in the USSR, as well as the absolute champion of Ukraine in diving. Above all Mykola is a quite good poet. Every his work which is exhibited in museum is illustrated with the samples of his poems.
The author has devoted the largest part of his life to creation of thumbnails, he has been working in that area more than 40 years. In addition Syadristy introduced a new professional concept and term “miniature” in the lexicon of artists. Miniaturist is widely reputed for his amazing works not only in Ukraine but also abroad. The samples of his talent are presented not only at the Museum of Miniatures in Kiev, but also at the Moscow Polytechnical Museum and the Museum of microminiature, located in Andorra. 
People often ask him what knowledge and skills are important and necessary to perform such work. And Mykola answers: "One should have some knowledge and experience in drawing, making composition as well as in the plastic arts. You should be able to understand thoroughly the properties of all materials with which you work. You must have good command of your body because the most subtle movements of the hand holding a tool must be made between your heartbeats”. Nobody has repeated his achievement yet. Our compatriot remains unsurpassed. 
Microminiatures made by Syadristy may change your opinion about the human capacity to work with so tiny objects and forms. You will be amazed not onlyMuseum of Microminiature / with the very miniatures, but also with the description of each microminiature as the scale there is not measurable in millimeters. Actually it is measurable in thousandths of a millimeter. Almost every one represented in the Museum of Miniatures is a unique and unrepeatable. Among them, there is rose in the hair. There is the cavity drilled inside the human hair along its length. It is polished to transparency. A rose branch with thickness of 0,05 mm is inserted into the cavity. Nearby you can see a man walking on anchoring hairs taken from the wristwatch. The thickness of the figurine is 5 microns! You can see the world's tiniest book too. That is Kobzar by Shevchenko. Its size is 0,6 mm. There are 12 pages of poems and drawings in the book. Its pages are sewn with cobweb. Its cover is an immortelle petal actually. The world's smallest book is exhibited here. This fact is officially registered in Guinness Book of Records.
In the museum of microminiatures there are also sheets of music score. A fragment of polonaise by Oginsky is engraved on the glassy chrysanthemum petal. Its size is 2 x 5 mm. The artist is fond of ballet. The imagination of author cannot be controlled by borders: on a tiny piece of cherry stone 3×4 mm he painted a delightful portrait of a worldwide famous ballerina Maya Plisetskaya.
Also there is the model of the windmill consisting of 203 golden items set on half of a poppy seed. Actually Mykola Syadristy showed good knowledge not only about art. He has great understanding of engineering too. Syadristy made the world's smallest electric engine. The engine capacity is 1 / 20 cubic mm. Such engine is nearly 20 times smaller than a poppy seed.
Among other exhibits there are:
1) The portrait of Yuri Gagarin graved from the part of thorn stone;
2) The portrait of the mother of Mykola Syadristy (2×3 mm);
3) The smallest chess in the world; the box with figures is on the pin hook;
4) “Parallel world” composition; the girl under the umbrella is sitting on the nose of the golden mosquito;
5) The portrait of Ernest Hemingway on the shear of the pear seed;
6) The self-portrait of Mykola Syadristy (2,5×3 mm) graven on the glass drop by a diamond-tipped cutting tool;
7) “In commemoration of Alexander Grin” work which is created with gold and platinum; different kinds of materials processing are demonstrated in it; dense-packed point-to-point wiring is well-conditioned and its level is unattainable for modern technological tools;
8) “The Little Prince”; the author created that work according to Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s picture; the figure of prince (0,8 mm) is on the asteroid; the other element of the composition is a model of “Latekoer-26” plane (2 mm), Exupery flew on which;
9) The model of “Santa Maria” ship which length is 3,85 mm and it involves 256 golden details;
The Museum of Microminiatures in Kyiv is one of the most famous, interesting and popular museums in the capital city, and it is a mandatory visiting point of the excursions to the Kiev Pechersk Lavra. You will never regret about a visit to that place because you will never see the same amazing, perfect, incredible, unbelievable and fabulous exhibits some otherwhere. 
The Museum’s standard opening times: Mon – Sun (09.00 – 18.00). 
Tickets prices are from 10 to 20 hryvnias.
The Museum is located on the Lavrska 9 Street.
Alina Terebetska
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