Petro Sahaidachny

Petro Sahaidachny /uk.wikipedia.orgForemost Petro Sahaidachny appears to us a brave soldier and a consummate tactician, the militar genius.
In Zaporozhia, in this "School of life" Sagaidachny quickly gets high authority: manages the entire artillery of Sich, later headed by the Sich’s society becomes the Kish Ataman, and then the hetman of Zaporozhian Army. Located on the border of the Christian and Muslim worlds in January was a natural barrier against the Tatar and Turkish raids. Sahaidachny began to not only defend but also organize the campaigns to Crimea and Turkey.
He reforms the Cossack Army, based on the individual hutches, organizes regular army with strict discipline, develops the strategy and tactics of the аntiturkish war.
Successful sea trips 1616-1618 at the head of the Sahaidachny became an example of the modern military art and reinforced the confidence of the Cossacks in their abilities. Sophisticated tactics and strategy together with the almost mythical fearlessness and certain reckless became really invincible.
Since the middle of the first decade of the XVII century Sahaidachny manage almost all the great campaigns - both by the land and by the sea, reached by the time the special forces, scope and scale.
Not less successful than at sea was Sagaidachny in the land campaigns. The apotheosis of Cossack victory became the Khotyn war in 1621, when Cossacks continuously had to withstand the attacks many times overwhelming Turkish army, desperately counterattacking.
Sahaidachny directly took part in the fighting, despite the injury on the eve of poisonous Tatar arrow. Without exaggeration, the victory under the Khotin saved Poland and Ukraine from the Turkish enslavement.
Petro Sahaidachny as commander, was not winning only standard, at that time, decisions. The essence of his defense was in use of offensive tactics, surprise, night fighting and precautionary attacks, by the way, tested in many successful marine campaigns. 
Sahaidachny introduced many innovations in the army, including the light artillery and maneuverable, well-armed and trained infantry.
We should not forget that Peter Sahaidachny perhaps the first in the military tactics actively employed the tactics of ambush and counter-battles against the enemy's where a few troops of well disciplined Cossacks attacked the march columns of the opponent prevailing tenfold and made chaos and panic in its ranks. 
In general, the military strategy and tactics of Sagaydachny was designed for warfare under conditions of the numerical superiority of the enemy, with the decisive blow is always deposited immediately in the weakest position. 
It should be noted, and high mobility Cossack’s army, which often stop the offensive of the Turkish-Tatar hordes by effective attacks on their rear communications. 
Sahaidachny - politician 
Sahaidachny was an outstanding politician and diplomat who was looking for years to come and line up both within Ukraine and abroad long-term diplomatic combinations. He persistently and consistently carried out its political line, following a clear position on the Polish king, magnates and gentry.
Sahaidachny fought for the expansion of the Cossack registry and tried to legalize and officially recognize the Cossack military and political organization, to expand the Cossack’s right, withdraw Polish troops from Ukraine, set the religious equality and recognize the higher the Orthodox hierarchy.
At this time there is an active formation of Ukrainian national community with its distinct geographical boundaries.
In this Hetman Sahaydachny also owned defining the role, after all, Sahaidachny again attract Kyiv in the orbit of the future new Ukrainian Cossack State. Kyiv when it again becomes a political hotbed of new Ukraine.
Not least, the vision of the Cossacks as a symbol of the glory of the Russian people confirms in the public consciousness. It was like "shield" of Christendom against the infidels that equalizeв Ukrainian with other nations, have sustained "sense of power, dignity, uniqueness and reliability of its historical foundation".
In place of the old princely aristocracy confirmed new top social elite - Cossack officers leded by Sahaidachny. Author maintained conception of the Russian people as the third (equal with the Polish and Lithuanian) people of the Commonwealth
Sahaidachny gave the Cossack movement intellectual depth, strongly linking it with the protection of Orthodoxy, which, after the Union of Brest in 1596 was declared illegal. 
The peasantry, the urban population, the Cossacks, much of Ukrainian Orthodox clergy and nobility were against the union, which has led to further deterioration of the social, political, ideological confrontation, which reached particularly acute in the early decades of the XVII century, in the 30 years of struggle against the union is one of the slogans of Cossack and peasant uprisings.
Peter Sahaidachny took the position rejection of the union immediately after the Brest cathedral in 1596
With all twenty thousandth the Cossack Army he entered the Kiev (Epiphany) fraternity - an important cultural center of Ukraine, which opposed the union.
Sahaidachny gave the Cossack movement intellectual depth, strongly linking it with the protection of Orthodoxy, which, after the Union of Brest in 1596 was declared illegal. 
With all twenty thousandth the Cossack Army he entered the Kiev (Epiphany) fraternity - an important cultural center of Ukraine, which opposed the union.
Not to mention another act, the ordination under the protection  of Cossack’s saber by Orthodox Metropolitan of Kiev Job Boretsky and bishops - who restored the destroyed union hierarchy.
This was initiated by Sahaidachny and meant no exaggeration to rescue the Orthodox Church and its faithful from spiritual and moral decay. 
Obviously Sahaidachny well aware of the importance of reliance on the idea of Cossack saber and faith.
He made an unusual, unprecedented for that time a historic step - put the weapon on the protection of culture. This combination made of Cossack military force really powerful political wealth and attractive center for the Ukrainian people
Sahaidachny - philanthropist and patron of education and culture 
Sahaidachny studied in Ostrog school - centre of Ukrainian intellectual and spiritual life. 
This educational institution was recognized in Ukraine as the cultural and educational center, where young people a inoculated understanding of the significance of the spiritual values of their people. Later, he entered to Lviv Brotherhood School, where he met with Job Boretskyi, which maintained relations for the rest of his life.
Friendship with Job Boretskyi later grew into a political union, which played a significant role in the religious and political life.
With the assistance of Sagaydachny was founded a school at the Kiev Brotherhood, which later developed into the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. 
Throughout his life he finanially helped the educational and cultural center , bequest left almost all his possessions and money to Kyiv, Lviv and Lutsk schools science and education of Bachelor of Christian scholars to children by whatever science could last forever".
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