Ukrainian fashion. Ukrainian designers

Ukrainian fashion. Ukrainian designers/

Fashion of Ukraine, since 1997, submitted by the Ukrainian fashion week "fashion Seasons", established by the RIA "Janko", the magazine "Eva" and fashion house "Sergey Byzov". Ukrainian Fashion Week is held annually in Kiev.
Ukrainian designers
Mikhail Voronin —  Ukrainian fashion designer, well known beyond Ukraine.
Outlet stores Michael Voronin opened in Vienna and new York, regularly holds shows of his collections in the capitals of world fashion. Today the factory "Desire", which he chaired for many years, is one of three in Europe, having the most modern technological equipment.
1993 — "Golden thimble" (Paris);
1997 — "the Best trademark of the year" (Rome);
International quality award "the Golden arch of Europe" (Madrid);
The gold level of recognition (Global quality management) (USA).

Victoria Gress/

Victoria Gress
Victoria Gres became known in 1997. Its model is presented in a classic style. The brand Victoria Gres are three lines of clothing Victoria Gres by GRES, Victoria Gres DENIM and Victoria Gres Couture, a line of author's accessories and decor.Ukrainian designer successfully feels all fashion trends and knows how to combine them with different historical eras. Victoria GRES creates a single unit of vintage lace, embroidery and other elements of decor with modern fabrics, for each unit of stuff it suits individually.It is the GRES created the costumes for the world tour of the singer Janet Jackson.



Olga Gromova/

Olga Gromova
Olga Gromova designer and Manager. Her work — shoes, accessories, jewelry. Shows its collections are held in Kiev, Moscow, St. Petersburg, London, Geneva and other European cities and new Delhi. In addition to the design Studio, Olga Gromova is also in charge of the company "Gromov-exclusive" and "Gromov-design". Olga creates corporate clothing for "Philip Morris", "Interbrew", "British tobacco" and "Gallaher".
Liliya Pystovit
Liliya is the representative of the conceptual fashion. Her collection even more known abroad than in Ukraine. It often appears in theLiliya Pystovit/ best and the most current compilations of the magazines l'officiel, Elle, Vogue.
"Golden button"
"Admiralty needle"

Oksana Muha / www.krasotka-salon.

Oksana Muha
Oksana Muha designer wedding and evening fashion, is among the top designers of Europe, born in Lviv. Received recognition in 2009 when, after a rigorous selection at the Carrousel du Louvre exhibited her collection on the catwalk at the Louvre.
Now Oksana Mukha opened representative offices in Paris, Prague, Toronto, Melbourne — Australia, in Dortmund — Germany, Venice — Italy, Kaunas — Lithuania, Riga, Tallinn, Warsaw, Tashkent, Almaty, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, Minsk etc.
Diana Dorozkina

Diana Dorozkina /

Diana Dorozkina designer, designs clothes from fur and skin. Recognized as one of the most prestigious international competitions for young designers in Belgium "Etal de La mode." The main subject in the writings of the corset.


Andre Tan
Trademark "andre TAN" was established in 2000[6].
On the show "Fall — Winter 2006-2007" introduced a new trend in fashion — Smart Couture.
In 2008 he conducted the TV show "ProFashion".
From September 2010 involved in the filming of the TV show "Great transformation" on the Ukrainian TV channel 1+1.Ranked in the TOP-10 best designers of Ukraine and is the youngest among the designers of this country.
Andre Tan /
Fokina Anna