The unforgettable trip to Kamianets Podilskyi

Kamianets Podilskyi fortress

I like traveling very much. To my mind, if you want to discover the world, first of all you should know everything about your own, native country. My discovering started with one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine – Kamianets Podilskyi. I was so much impressed with the atmosphere of the centuries-old city. This city is very romantic and attracts tourists all over Ukraine.

The best ways to get there: by bus, by train. I chose to travel by bus. First of all, I hired a guide to visit really interesting places and learn their history.

The crown point of the city is, of course, the Kamianets Podilskyi fortress. The oldest Ukrainian bridge - Turkish - leads to the fortress. We asked the guide to tell us a history. The fortress contains of old and new castles. There also are 11 towers in the castles: a black, a papal tower in which Karmelyuk was imprisoned (there is his dummy now), Rozhanka , Vodnaya and others. In the dungeons of the fortress is an interesting exposition - the plaster figures of soldiers and military officers of higher rank, the monks of many temples who were protecting the castle. It was very interesting to look at it. The figures seemed to be alive. The new castle was built for better protection.

When I was tired from excursions, there was a café with variety of historical exhibits in the fortress. I also tried myself in the archery. I was given a special certificate for passing to the castle (as a souvenir). This permission was given to people who visit the castle in ancient times.

There is a legend about the Turkish sultan Osman, who saw the beauty of the fortress and refused to conquer it.

The castle has many interesting features: for example, a tunnel known only by the commandant was laid between two towers of the fortress - Rozhanka and Vodnaya. When I was there, the towers were worn in wedding dresses. I suppose that it was a festival.  In the yard there is also a pit, at the bottom in which the debtor sits (it is, of course, a dummy). I threw a coin in a pit in order to save myself from debts.

Next to the legendary Kamianets Podilskyi fortress there is an interesting monument - the "Table of Consent". It was established during the "7 Cultures" festival. There is the large concrete circle on which the Podillya's crown rises. When I saw it, I recollected the Stonehenge in Britain. The seven stones symbolize the people who participated in the creation of the history and architectural image of the city: Ukrainians, Poles, Turks, Russians, Lithuanians, Armenians and Jews. Not far from the main composition is the eighth stone, which means that in the future the history may be influenced by one more nation.

Table of Consent

Table of Consent

The decoration of the city is a waterfall. It can be found under the Novoplanovsky bridge. To see this miracle you need to go down the usual stairs and you will see a waterfall over the rock.

The city hall of Kamianets-Podilskyi is the oldest in Ukraine. There are a "pillar of shame" and a frontal place where people were punished. A history of that place attracts tourists. There are numerous underground moves under it. When I was going there, I was so scared. There is the museum of money on the second floor which I’ve visited too. The collection of coins impressed me.

Not far from the city hall, a two-meter monument of the tourist was established. It “wears” in a T-shirt, shorts and a cap; there is a backpack behind the back and a camera on the neck. I took many funny photos with that fake tourist.

A two-meter monument of the tourist

Finally, I visited the souvenir market.  Here I bought some beautiful (perhaps even useful) trifles.

Places where you may eat something:  cafe ‘Under the gates’ and restaurant ‘Seven dwarfs’. I liked them because there were the cheapest food and a good service.

If you decide to stay overnight, there are many hostels in the centre and hotels, in particular, ‘Dream house’ and ‘Old Castle’.

by Halyna Protsiv

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