Volodymyr Monomakh

Volodymyr Monomakh/www.personbio.comThe sources of the Rus` history indicate that Volodymyr Monomakh was born in 1053. The prince became the only ruler of our ancient history, who voluntarily refused a great ascendancy. Even an illiterate is acquainted with his personality because of the hat and the quote which belonged to him: «How heavy is Monomakh`s hat». It was trimmed with fur like a king`s golden crown, which was decorated with rubies and the emeralds.  Of course, Volodymyr meant not the load of his own hat, but that responsibility for Rus` fate.
Moreover, he had the mysterious medallion. On the one side, there was a head surrounded with snakes, but on the other side, there was the image of Archangel Michael. Nobody knows how Volodymyr got the medallion, he never parted with it. There were the inscriptions, the one of them was the processional, the other was the ancient Greek spell. Today, the scientists are helpless – its content is incomprehensible for us, but it was helpful for the prince of the Rus. The Byzantine emperor Kostyantyn Monomakh was his uncle. This nickname means – to conquer the national`s hearts for nothing. Such donation was in the possession of Volodymyr Monomakh too. He got the sincere love of the nation. 
Volodymyr was a handsome man, he had big eyes, curly hair and high forehead. He was not particularly tall person, but very strong.
First, he started the military and political activity, helping his father. In the age of 25, Momomakh got the management in Chernihiv and settled in Pereyaslav. The princes, the country folk, the artisans helped him to defend from the raids. In 1093, the prince Vsevolod, Volodymyr`s father died. It was the chance to take the throne, but he refused, Monomakh was sure the throne must be taken by the law. So, the regent was Sviatopolk. Eventually, Volodymyr became the Grand Prince of Kyiv.
During the reign, he accepted the range of the legislative acts, which decreased the tension. It was one of his major achievements. The prince didn`t leave the military campaigns. In 1116, he started the war against Byzantium. Rus under the control of Volodymyr was the state which had  great power in Europe. Kyiv found a defender and a savior having him as a ruler. He proved that for the sake of defense people needed to reunite and to stop the quarrels. In order to stabilize the situation the prince reconciled the legal system. First of all, Monomakh set up the new reforms. Their contents were in the «Rus`ka Pravda», which is also known as «Statut». It was the first collection of legislative act in the history of Kyiv Rus. Volodymyr set up the control of the money lender`s acting, developed the foreign trade in the nation`s interests. The Grand Prince was engaged in the construction of the churches. During his reign the paintings and the writing were being developed. Volodymyr had a good education, also he was a gifted artist. 
Volodymyr Monomakh/yandex.uaThe considerable work, which was written by him is «Povchannya dityam» in 1118. It is based on the ideas about good, dignity and justice, the work contains  historical and everyday plot, cultural motives, moral instructions which is addressed to the young generation. The prince exhorted to be decorous, honest person, to support a poor, respect the old people and love everybody. Every morning should start joyfully and with an orison.
The prince wrote a great number of works, for example «Molytva», «Lyst Olehu Svyatoslavovychu». 
Thanks to Monomakh the strives were stopped.
If our present governors knew the ethics of «Povchannya dityam», so the fate of our long-suffering country would be different.
The Grand Prince Volodymyr Monomakh was the philosopher, the patriot and the enlightener. So, here are some his ideas for consideration: 
«Don`t forget about poor people, if you can – feed them and give the handout to homeless. Defend a widow, don`t give the more stronger to lose a person».
«Honour the old people like a father, as for young like brothers».
«Ware the deception and the alcoholism or your soul will die».
«Visit a sick man, carry through the dead in the last journey, because all of us are mortal».
«If you are obliged to kiss the cross in front of your brothers and dear people, at list ask your heart if you can steady believe and after all kiss it. Having given the promise, never step over it or lose your soul».
«Never have the pride in your heart and mind, but proclaim: «Today I am alive, but tomorrow I will die, all of us are mortal».
Volodymyr Monomakh wrote to his children: «My campaigns were in all eighty-three; the other smaller ones I do not remember. I negotiated nineteen treaties of peace with the Polovtsy, took prisoners and let them go free. A lot of times I have fallen from the horse, twice I broke my head, injured my arms and legs, but God preserved me. And, you children, fear neither death nor combats, nor wild beasts, but show yourselves men in the circumstances sent from God. If the man has to die, neither his father nor his brother can save him. God`s protection is man`s hope». Volodymyr Monomakh remained a model of virtue.
The Grand Prince died on 19 May in 1125. We, the ancestors, will always remember him as a wise regent, caring farther and the person who really emoted about the fate of our country.
 The article is written by Victoria Sakevych, 
 the student of second year of study of
Volodymyr Hnatyuk Ternopil National Pedagogical University,
 English Philology  Department.