Kharkiv National Agrarian University named after V.V. Dokuchaiev

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62483, Kharkiv region, Kharkiv district, "Dokuchaevske - 2"
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Kharkiv National Agrarian University named after V.V. Dokuchaiev

Today Kharkiv National Agrarian University named after V.V. Dokuchaiev is a powerful institution of University education (the IVth accreditation level) that innovates and introduces contemporary European educational technologies. For two hundred and one year of its history the University has trained more than one hundred thousand specialists in agrarian sector both for Ukraine and other countries.

Since the date of its establishment in 1816 Kharkiv National Agrarian University has undergone a difficult way to develop and maintain its principles of professional training of future specialists and by now it has multiplied its achievements turning into a powerful center for training agrarian specialists.

The pride of the university has always been its professional staff. The glorious cohort of world-renowned teachers and scientists both trained the specialists for the agrarian sector and greatly enriched the world agrarian science and practical training with their outstanding scientific achievements and discoveries.

Hundreds of our scientists-teachers are the prize- winners of Ukrainian and  foreign prestigious awards, among them: academician O.V. Palladin, the founder  of the Ukrainian biochemistry school;  І. І. Lukinov, an outstanding economist, academician,  the vice president of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine ; O. M. Onishchenko, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the well-known economist in the agrarian sector; academician O.N. Sokolovsky, the world-known soil scientist, the first President of the Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences; academician G. M. Vysotsky , one of the founders of the science of forestry and forest research; academician V.Ya. Yuriev, one of the founders of the Ukrainian selection science ; academician T. D. Strakhov, the prominent phytopathologist and immunologist; professor G. F. Naumov,  the founder of the scientific school of plant allelopathy and many others.

A special contribution to the development of the University was made by professor V.V. Dokuchaiev (the University is named in his honor), the world-known scientist, the founder of genetic soil science, who headed the university for more than three years.

During the two hundred and one year's period of its functioning our   University has trained more than one hundred thousand of qualified and erudite  specialists who are  fully dedicated to the profession of their life. The KhNAU graduates have glorified the name of their University with their labor achievements both in Ukraine and abroad (more than 90 foreign countries) keeping the knowledge and skills relay race of their University lecturers and tutors.

The University is proud of its graduates.  Among them there are some former ministers, few heroes of Ukraine, many honored specialists in agriculture, Doctors of Sciences and PhDs, the heads of some leading agrarian enterprises in Ukraine and beyond. The KhNUA graduates occupy the leading positions in government bodies throughout Ukraine (state administrations, social insurance agencies, fiscal services, banking and treasury agencies, etc.).

Today KhNAU is an autonomous educational and scientific complex with a total area of 106.3 hectares.  At the University there are six faculties, 32 departments and the Institute for Advanced Studies.  The fundamental library comprises more than six hundred thousand copies of multidisciplinary publications in 11 languages of the world on all issues of agrarian and natural sciences. The University has the Center for Preparing Foreign Citizens, the dendrology park with an area of 22.3 hectares, the experimental field of KhNUU, Skrypaii educational and research forestry farm, etc.

Today the students of KNAU have the opportunity to obtain real work experience and practical language skills working on the farms of some European countries. 

Nowadays numerous student clubs, 18 sports clubs, KVN team, singing and dancing groups, music bands, Ukrainian folk choir ""Zhaivir"" and  various extra- curricular team activities are available for the students of the University.

The contemporary tendencies of University education in Ukraine testify to an annual decrease in the number of the state-commissioned student vacancies at the Universities, therefore the parents of university entrants, especially those from the rural regions, have to choose a contractual form of teaching their children at the University.

In this respect one should mention that KhNAU named after V.V. Dokuchaiev proposes the lowest tuition fee as compared with other educational institutions of the IVth accreditation level in Kharkiv region. Thus the tuition fee for a bachelor's degree ranges from 5000 to 6500 UAH per an academic year. The university proposes a loyal system of tuition fee payment by a flexible system i.e. payment in installments per semester or even per month.

The university provides a significant proportion of students who study by correspondence form which is a convenient way to obtain the University degree for the people of older generation.

Practically all KhNAU graduates are employed with no problems on leading specialist positions both in the agrarian sector and other branches of economy

About student campus: 

The University is located in an autonomous campus close to the city of  Kharkiv in an ecologically clean area. It has 6 educational buildings, 6 student houses, a dendrology park, a pavilion with agricultural machinery, a gymnasium, a stadium, an assembly hall for 830 seats, etc.

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Agrarian, economic and engineering sciences
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Doctor of philosophy
Doctor of science
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+38 (0572) 99-74-01
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Accounting and taxation
Entrepreneurial management, commerce and exchange activities
Finance, banking and insurance
Forest management
Gardening and vine-growing
Geodesics and land surveying
Park and garden management
Plant protection and quarantine
Public management and administration
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