Kharkiv State Academy of Physical Culture

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street Klochkivska, 99, Kharkiv, 61058
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+38 (057) 705-23-01
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Kharkiv State Academy of  Physical Culture

Kharkiv State Academy of  Physical Culture was founded in 1979 as a sports faculty of Kyiv State Institute of Physical Culture. In 1989 the faculty was transformed into Kharkiv State Institute of Physical Culture. The decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated September 26, 2001 No. 461 "On the formation of  Kharkiv State Academy of Physical Culture" made it Academy.

Rector of the Academy - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Alexandr Aghyppo. The experience of his teaching in higher education institutions is 20 years. There are 139 publications, of which 6 are monographs and 12 works of educational and methodological nature (including 2 textbooks with the sign of the Ministry of  Education and Science), 72 articles in professional editions of Ukraine and 2 articles in the scientific and metrological base of Scopus.

The structure of the Academy includes: 4 faculties, 1 department, 18 chairs, postgraduate study, education department, library, operational and technical department, sports club, editorial and publishing department, problem research laboratory. Since 2016 the Academy has been operating the Interregional Center for Massage Technology Training. In 2017, the Center for Student Sports Development was opened at the Academy.

Kharkiv State Academy of  Physical Culture has the 4th  level of accreditation and is the largest sports institution of higher education of the Left Bank of  Ukraine. On its base since 1991, the regional educational-scientific-sports complex of pre-university, university and postgraduate training and personnel training has been functioning in the region. Its infrastructure includes two higher education schools of physical culture and sports, the best sports schools, and Olympic training. All this provided a harmonious combination of the training of the Olympic reserve and the acquisition of higher physical education at the level of European standards.

Out of the total number of full-time staff, 68.5% have a Ph.D., a candidate degree, a scientific rank of professor, associate professor and a rank of Honored Worker of Physical Culture, Honored Coach, Honored Master of Sports and a Master of Sports of the International class.

About student campus: 

Kharkiv State Academy of Physical Culture has 2 nine-storey buildings - hostels №1 and №2 located in the student town on the following addresses for the needs of students: street Peremogy, 23 and the street Peremogy, 21, Kharkiv.

Hostel № 1 has 96 residential blocks for 480 beds, hostel №2 - 76 residential blocks for 390 seats. One unit consists of 2 rooms, a sanitary unit and a shower room. The rooms are designed for accommodation of two or three students, equipped with necessary furniture.

On each floor of the hostel there are also 2 cooking facilities and 2 living rooms. In the hostel number 1 there is a cafe-dining room. At the adjoining territory of the hostel there is a sports ground for active rest of students.

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Doctor of philosophy
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Physical education and sports
Physical rehabilitation
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