Ukrainian National Forestry University

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Gen.Chuprynky str., 103, Lviv 79057, Ukraine
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+38 (032) 237-80-23
+38 (032) 258-42-19
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Ukrainian National Forestry University

UNFU is the only Ukraine’s higher educational forestry-oriented institution which trains professionals in a wide range of specialties for forest sector as well as related fields of Ukraine’s economy. The University conducts fundamental and applied scientific research on topical sectoral and complex interdisciplinary problems of the social, ecological and economic development of Ukraine.

A distinguishing characteristic of UNFU’s operation is environmentally-oriented educational programmes and research work.

There are 4 Institutes. University takes part in international projects (among them TEMPUS Tacis, Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, Cost Actions).

UNFU has good experience in “greening the curricula” development and implementation EU based Master courses.

Students can obtain Bachelor and Master degrees, post-graduate (PhD) courses by directions:

  • Institute of Forestry and Landscaping: Forestry; Landscaping; Architecture and City Planning.
  • Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies: Applied Mechanics; Branch Machine Building; Automation and Computer integrated Technologies; Forest Engineering (Logging).
  • Institute of Woodprocessing Technologies and Design: Woodprocessing and Furniture Technologies; Design; Computer Science and Information Technologies; Informational Systems; Chemical Technologies and Engineering;
  • Institute of Ecological Economics and Management: Management; Economics; Ecology; Accounting and Taxation.

Structural Units of the University:

  • Technological College, Lviv
  • Transcarpathian Forestry College, Khust
  • Centre for pre-university training, retraining and professional development of personnel;
  • Transcarpathian Educational-Scientific- Industrial Centre, Khust;
  • Distance Learning Centre, Lviv;
  • Botanical Garden of National Importance, Lviv;
  • Stradch Educational-Industrial Forestry Plant, Ivano-Frankove;
  • Educational and Production Base “Ivano-Frankove”, Ivano-Frankove;
  • Forest-ecological stationeries ""Skhidnytsya"", “Morshyn” and “Shatsk”;
  • Small Forestry Academy, Lviv;
  • Research Department;
  • Editorial and Publishing centre;
  • Other departments and units.

At the disposal of students there are catering unit, a sports recreation and entertainment complexes, a stadium, sports grounds.

The University has established a network of Forest Ecological Recreational Stationeries, which are conducting research and monitoring of forest plantations, students practicing. It is also a unique base for the health improvement of the University students, and staff and their family members during the summer:

  • Recreational and sports camp "Lisotekhnik", (Rybakivka, the Black Sea coast).
  • Forest-ecological stationary "Skhidnytsya", (Carpathians mineral springs area).
  • Scientific and educational forest-ecological laboratory "Shatsk", (Shatsk lakes, interfluves of the Pripyat and the Western Bug).
  • Forest-ecological stationary "Morshyn", (Carpathians mineral springs area).

Students Council is acting in the University, and focuses its activity in scientific, educational, research, cultural, sports, and public relations of students life. The important type of activity are environmental projects and events which promoting "green: campus and tourism.

Students and Post-graduate Students’ Trade Union. The purpose is to protect the rights and interests of students, organize their leisure, recreation and rehabilitation, as well as cultural and educational work among students, in particular the organization of such festivals as "Spring lisotekhnic", "Freshman's Day", an action for the future "Plant a tree" etc.

Students Fellowship is accountable for the organization of festivals, school camps, volunteers' assistance to the soldiers undergoing treatment at the Border Military Hospital, the Environmental Festival "The Small Roots of Goodness", annually establishes a number of social projects: Mykolay for orphans, artistic actions for disabled children from the centre "Dzherelo", etc.;

Student scientific partnership 

The main aim is to ensure the protection of the rights and interests of students, postgraduates, doctoral students and young scientists of the UNFU, in particular on scientific activity, support for science-intensive ideas, international activities, innovations and knowledge sharing.

About student campus: 

The University students are provided with 4 hostels, 15 academic and laboratory buildings, library, the educational and industrial divisions.

Entertainment - in University works:

• Student theatre of pop miniatures ""Adrenaline""
• Folk dance ensemble  ""POLONYNA""
• Student Choir ""DIBROVA""
• Students assets;
• Studio of artistic word;
• Sport sections (the University students are prize-winners of many as regional, so international competitions);
• Lviv City Public Organization “Lisotekhnic Sport Club”.

Student's Temple was built to meet the spiritual needs of students. It is located on the territory of the campus next to the University hostels. The Volodymyr Temple is open all week. Each year on September 1, on the Day of Knowledge, the Divine Liturgy takes place on the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year. At the temple operates a religious circle.

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Levels of training: 
Doctor of philosophy
Doctor of science
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Gen.Chuprynky str., 105, room 107, Lviv, 79057, Ukraine; E-mail:; Phone: +38 (032) 258-42-15; +38 (067) 370-23-12
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Teaching in English language: 
Fields of education: 
Accounting and taxation
Applied mechanics
Architecture and town planning
Automation and computer integrated technologies
Chemical technologies and engineering
Computer science and information technologies
Forest management
Industrial engineering
Information systems and technologies
Park and garden management
Professional education (according to specialties)
Woodwork and furniture technologies
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