Travel to Ukraine

My trip to Lviv

House of legendsLviv is one of the main cultural centres of Ukraine. Named in honor of the Leo, the eldest son of Daniel, King of Ruthenia, it was the capital of the Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia . Lviv was the centre of the historical region of Galicia. The historical heart of the city, with its old buildings and cobblestone streets.

My trip to Khmelnytskyi

Museum of the History of Khmelnytskyi

My name is Sophia. I like travelling and learning new interesting things. I have already visited such Ukrainian cities as Lviv, Kyiv, Lutsk, Mukacheve and so on. But today I want to tell you about another, not so famous but interesting at the same time, city Khmelnytskyi. I had been getting to this city by the train from Ternopil just for 1,5 hours.