Ukrainian culture & history

Ukrainian Uzvar

Ukrainian Uzvar/1001eda.comOne of the ways to get to know about the country is to learn about its ancient rituals, rites, traditions and customs. Ukrainians have always been very hospitable people. Even in the distant past, they welcomed their guests with bread and salt placed on an embroidered towel – this tradition has survived up to now.

Ukrainian national dish «Pampushky»

Ukrainian national dish «Pampushky»Each country has his own traditions and customs. And Ukraine is no exception. Our country is famous for its cuisine, which stands out a variety of dishes and their taste and nutritional value. Ukrainian cuisine has a lot of recipes which are characterized by ease of cooking and delicious taste.

Ukrainian Wedding

Ukrainian WeddingWedding is an important event in the life. Wedding is the most enjoyable holiday in everyone's life. Every girl dreams to be a real queen on that day. Our country is large and very diverse.  Each region has its own traditions.  A young couple wearing a special clothes on that day. Man-black suit and woman- white dress.

Ukrainian galushky

Galushky in Poltava / vpoltave.infoThe traditional Ukrainian cuisine is a big part of the Ukrainian heritage such as literature, music and art. It’s an invaluable achievement to be proud of. We have lots of different dishes you can try in every part of Ukraine. In this article I’ll tell you about a delicious meal from Eastern Ukraine. And it is “galushky” (“dumplings”).