Ukrainian culture & history

Ukrainian Kutia

Ukrainian Kutia / banderovci.comKutia (Ukrainian: кутя) is a dish traditionally served on Christmas Eve dinner (also known as Svyata Vecherya) in Ukraine. Kutia was first mentioned in Primary Chronicle of Nestor the Chronicler in the beginning of the XII century. It is believed that good luck should come to every house where the traditional kutia is served.

The hospitality of the Ukrainian people

Vladimir Ignatyuk. The hospitality of the Ukrainian peopleWorldwide considered hospitable Ukrainian nation.  Guests - whether requests or not - in our country, always happy, as opposed to the same in Germany, where someone come to the house unannounced considered unacceptable. In this case, you talk with threshold, not even invited to enter the house.

Ukrainian customs and traditions

The best way to know a nation, its character and history is to get acquainted with its customs and traditions. Ukrainian traditions are very old. Some of them arose in pre — historic times and evolved through the centuries of Ukrainian history. With the spread of modern civilization transformed Ukrainian customs and traditions. Nowadays persistent efforts are made to revive folk customs. In the last few decades people learned more about customs and traditions of their country. They sing special carols (shchedrivky), as a New Year's tradition.