Cherkasy – a pearl in the heart of Ukraine

We are pleased to present you Cherkasy – a pearl in the heart of Ukraine.

Cherkasy. Fountain

Powerful industrial and human resources capacities, dynamic economy, based on modern branches of industrial production, favourable geographic location, recreation-tourist resources and historical-cultural acquisitions stipulate high investment attractiveness of the city. With each coming year the city increases its economic and investment potential. Business activities increase and the international cooperation extends. Partnership connections with the cities of near and far abroad grow wider. Investment policy in Cherkasy is based on the clearly-defined partnership of the state and private sectors.

There are a lot of examples of mutually beneficial cooperation, and there are all the conditions for having much more of those in future. We hope that some of them will be created by you. We invite you to take part in the process of development of Cherkasy.

We are open for productive and mutually beneficial cooperation with potential investors and business partners in our city.

Cherkasy – a pearl in the heart of Ukraine

"Jubilee" Park. Cherkasy

Cherkasy – the centre of the glorious land with the bright historical past – is one of the most beautiful cities, located on the banks of the ancient river Dnipro. Present-day Cherkasy is one of the powerful industrial centres of Ukraine, where machine-engineering, chemical, consumer goods, food production industries are developed.

Besides, Cherkasy has a real perspective of turning into a big logistics centre: the city is located in the centre of Ukraine, on the intersection of the main transportation ways of the state: water, motorways, railroads and air ways.

Kremenchuk Reservoir - the human-made Cherkasy sea – is a pearl of the central part of Ukraine. Its width near Cherkasy is over 11 kilometres.

Cherkasy pinewood, located to the north and to the west of the city that immediately borders on it, is the biggest solid pine wood of natural origin. The wood was created even before the Ice Age. The significance of the Cherkasy pinewood is in its recreational resources. It is the place for rest and recreation of Cherkasy inhabitants and tourists. For today there are several sanatorium-healthcare resorts and recreational centres in the wood. The most famous part of the Cherkasy pinewood is Sosnivka – the city district, located on the sand terrace of the Dnipro.

The city has wonderful natural conditions and resources for recreation of inhabitants and tourists and traditionally boasts its resort-recreational areas, numerous parks, squares, beaches, architectural monuments of the end of the XIX – beginning of the XX centuries.

Cherkasy City Day is traditionally celebrated on the first Sunday of June.

The city territory is 7759 ha.

The population is 282 thousand people.

Cherkasy. The Cradle of History

In the IV century on the bank of the Dnipro, on the territory of the future city, (present-day area of the hotel “Dnipro”), there was a settlement of the Cherniakhiv culture.

During the Kyivan Rus period there was a site of ancient town on the territory of the present-day city, which is proved by the tools, weapons, coins, dated X-XII centuries that were found there.

Continuous development of the city is traced from the end of the ХІІІ century. The first written reference about Cherkasy is dated 1305 in Goustynia Chronicle. Starting with the second half of the XIV century the city had been developed into the centre of Cherkasy eldership of Lithuanian-Rus principality.

In 1514—1535 Cherkasy elder was Ostaphiy Dashkevych. At that time (1531) Cherkasy stood a month siege of the army of the Crimean Khan Saadet Geray. Dashkevych strengthened the city’s role as a centre of forming of the Ukrainian Cossacks.

Polish historian and ethnographer Edward Rulikovskyi, the author of the article about the city of Cherkasy in the “Geographical Dictionary of the Kingdom of Poland”, presents a legend, which says that even before moving behind the Dnipro rapids in the XVI century, the first Cossacks Sich was near the village of Dakhnivka – present-day district of Cherkasy.

After the Union of Lublin in 1569 Cherkasy became a part of Poland. Due to the name of the city, around which Cossacks settled, they got the name of cherkases. And in Russian documents of the XVI-XVII centuries all of the Ukrainians were called cherkases. During the National-Liberation War of 1648 Cherkasy regiment was one of the most capable of fight and took part in all the important battles of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi army.

After the second division of Poland in 1793 the city became a part of Russia, and was one of the county centres of Kyiv province.

The second half of the XIX century was the period of rapid economic raise of the city. There appeared first industrial enterprises, dozens of trade offices, storages, and stores were functioning there. Freight turnover of the port increased. In 1912 a railway bridge across the Dnipro was constructed and the direct railway connection along the way Odesa – Bakhmach was arranged.

During the post-war period the development of economy was restarted. Starting with 1954 the city became the centre of the newly-created Cherkasy region.

Economic Potential

The plant "Bogdan". CherkassyToday Cherkasy is the city with the significant potential and broad opportunities for the development of both internal interregional and foreign interstate connections. Economy of the city has industrial nature and its determining features are: significant production capacity, powerful machine-engineering complex, competitive consumer goods and food production industries, beneficial investment climate, developed tourism-recreational and resort infrastructure, significant scientific and educational and human resources potential.

The city has more than 120 significant industrial enterprises of the twelve basic kinds of economic activity.

  • Food, drinks production 17%
  • Consumer goods industry 15%
  • Wood processing and production of wood works, besides furniture 5%
  • Cellulose and paper production; publishing 6%
  • Chemical and oil-chemical industry 11%
  • Production of non-metal mineral products 9%
  • Metallurgy production and production of finished metal works 6%
  • Cars and equipment production 12%
  • Electric, electronic and optic equipment production 6%
  • Transportation means and equipment production 3%
  • Other branches of industry 9%
  • Production and distribution of electric power, gas, steam and hot water 5%

There are more than 2600 small enterprises in the city. Percentage of products produced by small enterprises in total amount of products makes 21,2%.

Cherkasy enterprises carried out foreign trade operations with partners from 104 countries of the world. Goods were exported by 148 enterprises, imported – by 188.

Export structure of Cherkasy enterprises

  • Russian Federation 15,4%
  • Poland 14,2%
  • India 9,8%
  • Brazil 7,5%
  • China 6,9%
  • Italy 4,4%
  • Turkey 4,3%
  • Other enterprises 37,5%

In Cherkasy there function more than 120 significant industrial enterprises.

Number of those involved in all the fields of economic activity is more than 87 thousand people.

Number of those involved in small business is 20,3 thousand people.

The city maintains business relations with 104 countries of the world.


Present-day Cherkasy – one of the powerful industrial centres of Ukraine – has a real perspective of turning into a big logistics centre: the city is located in the centre of Ukraine, on the intersection of the main transportation ways of the state: water, motorways, railroads and air ways. Motorways of the state significance go through the city. Construction of the second part of the corridor “East-West” – road Kyiv-Cherkasy-Dnipropetrovsk-Donetsk-Rostov-on-Don is planned.

The city has the railroad that connects two highways – Kyiv-Kharkiv and Kyiv-Dnipropetrovsk. The railroad goes along the dam and the bridge across the Kremenchuk water reservoir, which is a strategic object of the state significance. Cherkasy has the railway station that provides connection with the cities of Ukraine on a regular basis. There are additional railway tracks leading to big industrial enterprises in order to bring products out. A big railroad junction – the T.G. Shevchenko station is located 30 kilometres away from Cherkasy, in the town of Smila.

Due to Cherkasy favourable location on the banks of the Kremenchuk water reservoir, the city has a river port station and a powerful freight river port that processes container and loose goods. Cherkasy is one of the biggest ports on the Dnipro. The main river navigational artery flowing across the territory of Ukraine from the north to the south, is actually a water part of the international transport corridor No. 9. Eventually, if there is a mutual interest of European Union, Baltic countries, Poland and Belarus in carrying out of hydro-technical works, the Dnipro together with the Dnipro-Bug Channel, the Bug and the Vistula on one side, combined with the West Dvina and the Daugava on the other may become an economically beneficial water corridor between the Black and the Baltic Seas. Respectively the potential of the powerful port on the Dnipro increases.

On the western end of the city there is an international airport “Cherkasy”, its runway takes one of the leading places in Ukraine according to its capability to accept various types of planes. The airport is equipped for having customs, borderland and quarantine procedures.

At present time there are works carried out to reform the transportation system of Cherkasy, that implies transition to a new transport Euro-5. That will allow significant improving of the ecological condition of the city.

  • Each year in Cherkasy all types of transportation means carry more than 1135,4 thousand tons of cargoes and more than 74million passengers;
  • In the city both bus and ecologically clean transportation–trolleybuses carry passengers. Total length of the contact network in Cherkasy is 127,2 km.
  • Total length of the streets and roads network is 321,5 km;

Energy Saving

For the city of Cherkasy the issues of rational use of energy resources have long acquired their crucial significance. Cherkasy is a member of the Association of energy efficient cities of Ukraine, and in May, 2012, in the framework of the international conference “Implementation of the Covenant of Mayors: The path to Ukraine’s energy security”, the city has signed the Covenant of Mayors.

The Covenant of Mayors was initiated by the European Commission and aims at uniting of European local authority bodies (municipalities) into a freewill association for joined struggle against global warming.

Having signed the Covenant of Mayors the city has taken freewill responsibilities to implement Europe-wide requirements of the EU concerning reduction of the CO2 emission for at least 20% by 2020 through conducting of energy saving measures and introduction of renewable sources of energy.

Cherkasy set the goal: to quit using natural gas for heating of dwelling houses and budget establishments as much as possible and to transfer to alternative energy sources. The city has introduced systems of accounting of consumption of energy resources in budget establishments. Since 2012 there is a total accounting of consumption of water, heat, electric power in all the budget establishments (those are 280 municipal buildings).

Introduction of the daily accounting lead to reduction of use:

  • water – for 30%;
  • electric power - for 49%;
  • heat -for 6%.

In Cherkasy schools and kindergartens there were installed Individual Heating Points (IHP), which allow to save heat energy. Alongside with installing of IHP in 28 budget establishments (schools, kindergartens, hospitals), all old windows were replaced with the new insulating glass units and also the buildings facades were additionally insulated. Such a combined approach allows reducing of the use of energy resources up to 40%.

  • In the district of Sosnivka there was installed a bio-boiler that works on the wood odds and ends. Economic efficiency of the bio-boiler is 4 million UAH per year.
  • At two heating stations of the city there are energy-saving modern boilers that allow to save around 15-20% of natural gas.
  • IHP started to be installed in dwelling houses of Cherkasy. In general it is planned to install 109 IHP.

Modernization of the Heat-Supply System.

Utility company “Cherkasyteplocomunenergo” is a leader in Ukraine in terms of modernization of the heat supply system. At present the utility company “Cherkasyteplocomunenergo” brings to life the energy-saving project, directed to modernization of the heat-supplying system. The project is funded by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development. The main goal of the project is to reduce the use of natural gas by 20-30%.

Modernization of the Water-Supply System.

Utility company “Cherkasyvodokanal” with a financial support of the World Bank is implementing the investment project “Modernization of water supply and sewerage pump stations”. It implies modernization of sewerage and pumping stations, replacement of old pumps with the low coefficient of efficiency with the new ones that will allow saving of electric power in average for 15%.


Consumer market of Cherkasy is a powerful complex, comprising more than 370 stores for selling goods with the total trade area of 110000 m², 110 enterprises of restaurant economy of all types of ownership for 7000 seats and more than 750 service enterprises.

The trade network of the city is presented by such powerful trade structures as “Velyka Kyshenia” (Big Pocket), “ATB-market”, “Furshet”, “Silpo”, “Absolut”, “Grand-Market”, “Fresh Market”, “Premier Plaza”, “Eco-market”, “MoLLi”.

Enterprises of the city: PJSC “Yuria”, PJSC “Cherkasy khlibocombinat” (Cherkasy bread factory), “Cherkasy Prodovolcha Company” Ltd. (Cherkasy food company), “Svit Lasoschiv” Ltd. (World of sweets) and trademark “Nasha Riaba”, trademark “Charivnytsia”, trademark “Ukrainski kovbasy” have organized a network of trademark sales on the territory of the city.

In 2013 in the centre of the city has opened a new shopping and entertainment centre «Lubava» with the total area of 26000 m², it has more than 260 stores.

During the recent years the following shopping and entertainment centres have started functioning: “Khreschatyk-City”, “Dnipro-Plaza”, “Ekvator”, hypermarkets “Epicentre” and “Velmart”, supermarket “Novus”. The supermarket networks of “Silpo” and “Velyka Kyshenia” have expanded.

Such popular stores selling household appliances as “Foxtrot”, “Eldorado”, “Comfy”, “FoxMart”, “Technopolis” have won favour of Cherkasy inhabitants. Annually Cherkasy hosts fairs for agricultural products and processed agricultural products.

Annual wholesale turnover of goods in Cherkasy makes 5,7 billion UAH.

General annual amount of retail turnover of goods of enterprises – legal entities in the field of trade, including restaurant economy, exceeds 4,2 billion UAH

Network of enterprises of retail trade of Cherkasy:

Stores – 379;

Kiosks/Booths – 149;

Markets – 8.

Network of restaurant economy objects of Cherkasy:

Restaurant economy objects - 116

Number of seats – 7307.

Investments and Innovations

For today foreign investment is the resource that, in any case, in the near future may assist to increase efficiency of economy functioning, improvement of social security of citizens in the most significant way.

In 2016 foreign investors have contributed 1,2 million USD of direct investments (joint-stock capital) into the city’s economy.

Investments into the economy of Cherkasy will be high, the same way as before, since the city has a big human resources potential and a highly–developed industrial structure. This circumstance cannot help driving an increased interest about the city on the part of potential investors.

The amount of direct foreign investments (joint-stock capital) introduced into the city economy from the beginning of investing made 99,7 million USD.

Cyprus 55,7%

Great Britain 23,4%

Germany 7,3%

Spain 4,6%

The Netherlands 2,1%

The USA 1,9%

Other countries 5%

Investors’ interest in industrial enterprises of, namely, processing industry and also enterprises and organizations operating with real estate, leasing, engineering and providing services for entrepreneurs remains stable.

The city authority of Cherkasy provides maximum assistance to the investment process on the territory of the city: favourable attitude on the part of the city authority, controlling services of the city being impartial, enhancing professional informational-consultative assistance at the beginning stage of an investment project, branding of investment opportunities of the city, which is successfully implemented on the basis of the mass media available, by means of participating in the international exhibitions, forums, round tables. Percentage of the enterprises that introduce innovations in Cherkasy is constantly increasing, having made 20,7% in the previous year.

Foreign investments work at 115 enterprises of Cherkasy.
It makes 356,1 dollars of foreign investment per city inhabitant.
Investments from 35 countries of the world are coming to Cherkasy.
In Cherkasy there function 17 innovation-active enterprises.

Educational Potential

The Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of CherkasyToday education of the city is a stable system with positive development that has a significant potential. Based on its amount and branches it is quite properly correlated in all its areas with the quantitative indicators of the city population and their needs in educational services. Those are 42 educational establishments of general education of all types of ownership, 53 pre-schools, 5 extra-curricular establishments, 6 vocational schools and 12 higher educational establishments of the I-II and III-IV levels of accreditation.

More than 24 thousand persons are school children of the 42 general education establishments. The main accomplishment of this section of education is variability of the network, opportunity to choose establishments, educational programs depending on individual educational needs of school children. 14 establishments of a new type are oriented for search and support of gifted children (3 gymnasiums, 2 lyceums, college “Berehynia”, 8 specialized schools); more than 11 thousand children study there. All the general education establishments are equipped with educational – computer complexes.

In the city there are 53 pre-school establishments, having more than 10 thousand children. Pre-school establishments of general development, combined ones, specialized ones, sanatorium ones, complexes “school-kindergarten” keep functioning and developing.

The Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of CherkasyMuch attention in the city is given to the development of the state-public administration of educational establishments. There is work conducted concerning raising activism among students’ self-government and parents’ community in the city. There is a city Students’ Interparliamentary Assembly, which has initiated the city contest for the best model of a students’ parliament. On the initiative of the city mayor there was initiated and is regularly conducted an internship for leaders of students’ parliaments on the basis of structural departments of the city executive committee. Higher educational establishments of Cherkasy are today a significant factor providing social-economic development of the city with human resources and science. Almost all higher educational establishments of Cherkasy have introduced the system of regular internship abroad for teachers, professors and students. Taking part in various international educational-scientific programs higher educational establishments of the city are constantly involving world scientific elite into co-operation and sharing of experience concerning organization of the learning process. Present-day structure of higher educational establishments of Cherkasy of the ІІІ-ІV levels of accreditation, besides academic component, covers learning-scientific-production complexes, scientific-research centres, post-graduate course and doctorate education that give the opportunity to satisfy needs of youth in choosing a direction for scientific research; centres for pre-higher education and post-graduate education.

Representatives of 21general education establishments of Cherkasy take part in 64 international projects and programs, among those are:

  • Program «INTEL ® Education for Future»;
  • «FLEX» – «Future Leaders Exchange Program»;
  • Project «Design, introduction and distribution of international training courses on the issues of European integration of Ukraine»;
  • Project «European studios at schools of Ukraine».


The city authority pays a lot of attention to development of sports and profession oriented infrastructure.

The most widely-spread and priority kinds of sports in Cherkasy are football, basketball, volleyball, fencing, bullet shooting, judo, sea all-round events, triathlon.

Today in Cherkasy there are 8 sports schools, where 111 trainer teachers on 28 kinds of sports work, 14 of those are teachers of the highest category.

More than 2200 children and youth are involved into regular playing sports and trainings in sports schools of the city.

The main sports facilities of the city are the Central city stadium and the Sports complex “Budivelnyk” (Builder). The Central stadium – the main multifunctional stadium in the city – can host 10320 spectators. Home matches are played by Cherkasy football club “Slavutych”. The football club “Slavutych”, founded in 2010, had started in the championship of Ukraine among the teams of the second league the year after its foundation.

The Sports complex “Budivelnyk” meets all the requirements for hosting competitions of the international level, has the status of Olympic base and Paralympics preparation. Here they host international tournaments on professional boxing, regional mini-soccer championships among veterans, dance festival “Dancing October”, the city Cup for school children “Champion games”, All Stars Match of Ukrainian Basketball League on basketball, final game of amateur league of Ukraine on volleyball, International volleyball tournament among male teams for Governor’s Cup “Nezalezhnist”(Independence), Ukraine Championship on the Greek-Roman wrestling, games of European basketball junior league at participation of children teams from Moscow, Petersberg, Kyiv, Odesa, Cherkasy, etc.

 Cherkasy utility company “Sports Complex “Budivelnyk” took the third place in Ukraine among utility companies of its field of activity in 2011; in 2009 the establishment was the fifth in Ukraine.

In individual kinds of sports one should mention a three-times world champion and silver prize-winner of the World championship of strongmen all-round, merited master of sports of Ukraine – Viktor Yurchenko, merited master of sports of Ukraine on artistic gymnastics, multiple World champion and champion of Europe on artistic gymnastics, two-times participant of the Olympic Games – Iryna Krasnianska, merited master of sports of Ukraine on kickboxing, multiple World champion, owner of the World Cup on kickboxing – Sergiy Cherkaskyi, master of sports of Ukraine of the international class on bullet shooting (rifle and pistol shooting), silver prize-winner of Europe championship, participant of the Olympic Games in Peking, multiple champion of Ukraine on bullet shooting – Dariya Sharipova, multiple World champions on fitness, master of sports of Ukraine of the international class – Maksym Orobets and master of sports of Ukraine – Oksana Orobets.

Cherkasy cruising yacht-club “Parus” (Sail) is the second in Ukraine according to the number of sports vessels. Many times it hosted Ukraine Championships of sailing races on cruising-sports yachts, CIS championships of sailing races on inflatable catamarans.


"Jubilee" Park. Cherkasy

Cherkasy is a modern regional centre, one of the most developed industrial cities of the central Ukraine. In the branch structure of the industrial complex the leading role is taken by the chemical industry, machine-engineering and metal processing, electric-energy, food production industries; wood processing, printing industries are well developed, the city has a developed construction basis.

Ecological condition of the city is characterized as stable.

Observation of the condition of atmosphere air in the city is conducted by Cherkasy regional centre of hydrometeorology. Taking measurements of specific polluting substances is financed by the city special purpose fund of natural environment protection. Besides, the Hydrometeorological Centre controls basic substances, heavy metals and organic combinations.

Complex pollution index for 2012 made 5,69 which is considered to be equal to average pollution. The tendency of change of the average level of pollution of atmosphere air during the last 5 years was characterized by reduction of amount of all the admixtures.

Radiation condition in the city of Cherkasy remains stable. Meteostation Cherkasy of Cherkasy regional centre of hydrometeorology that is located on the territory of the airport, measures radiation background daily and is collecting radioactive aerosols that fall on the ground within 24 hours.

In the city there is functioning a program “Ecology”, approved by the decision of Cherkasy city council. The implementation of the program is funded by the city special purpose fund of natural environment protection.

A new system of collecting of dangerous wastes – batteries, cell phone and camera accumulators, luminescent and energy-saving lamps - is introduced. Those are collected free of charge at 24 identified points in various districts of the city. There are special containers for this purpose.

In Cherkasy several years in a row there is a combined recycling of New Year trees. A specialized enterprise collects the unnecessary fur-trees and shreds them into chips. Around 300 m3 of fur-tree chips, produced by the enterprise, are enough for approximately two weeks of work of the bio-boiler that is providing heat to one of the districts of the city.

 In 2012 there took place the greening: on the territory of the city they planted 420 deciduous trees, 20 coniferous trees and also around 3800 bushes of various sorts, 4 thousand roses, 15 thousand tulips: 5 thousands in the square “Yunist” (Youth), 5 thousands in the park “Peremoga” (Victory), 2.5 thousands in the square “Pamiat” (Memory), 2.5 thousands in the square in Smirnov street. They maintained greenery on the territory of wood-park areas and woods of the city with the area of 35 hectares.

Pinewood that directly borders on Cherkasy has tremendous recreational significance; it is the biggest pine wood of the natural origin in Ukraine. It serves the recreation place for Cherkasy inhabitants and tourists. There are several sanatorium-healthcare resorts and recreational centres located in the woods. The most famous part of the Cherkasy pinewood is Sosnivka – the city district, located on the sand terrace of the Dnipro.

Name of park (square)



Park “50-richchia Zhovtnia” (50th anniversary of October)


Park “Peremoga” (Victory)


Park “Kazka” (Fairytale)


Children’s park


Park “Skver Himikiv” (Chemists’ Square)


B.Khmelnytskyi park


Park “Dolyna troyand” (Rose valley)


Embankment (“Mytnytsia”–І-st line)


Square “Yunist” (Youth)


Square in Khreschatyk str.


Square “Nadiyi” (Hope)


Park “Sosnivskyi”


Square “Cozatskyi” (Cossacks)


Park of Regional hospital


Oak trees landscape


Pine trees landscape




Culture and Art

Prominent role of the city in history stipulated its development and building. Present-day architectural style started to be formed from 1826, when emperor Nickolai I approved the construction plan, designed by the famous architect William Hastie.

Life and work of many prominent figures of Ukrainian history and culture is connected with Cherkasy: Taras Shevchenko used to visit the city and wrote a number of his works here; the famous Ukrainian poet and writer Vasyl Symonenko and a writer Les’ Khomyn were working here; it was the city where talent and creativity of such performers as Olga Pavlovska and Raisa Kyrychenko, artist Danylo Narbut and others flourished.

Writers and poets O.S. Pushkin, I.S. Nechuy-Levytskyi, I.P. Kotliarevskyi, P.G. Tychyna, composers P.I. Chaykovskyi, S.S. Hulak-Artemovskyi, K.G. Stetsenko, artist I.S. Yizhakevych and others visited Cherkasy at different times. Future Russian writer Kostiantyn Paustovskyi used to spend his school break time at his relatives here.

Present-day Cherkasy have a wide network of culture establishments: Cherkasy Regional Academic Theatre named after T.G. Shevchenko, Cherkasy regional state philharmonic, Cherkasy regional academic puppet theatre. Among the great number of professional and amateur on-stage performance groups there are several very popular ones – Cherkasy Academic Merited Ukrainian Folk Choir, trio of bandura-players “Verbena”, folk music ensemble “Rosava” and others.

In the city there are state museum establishments: Cherkasy Regional Museum of Local History and Lore, Literature-Memorial Museum of Vasyl Symonenko, Museum of “Kobzar” of T.G. Shevchenko, Cherkasy Regional Art Museum, and more than 20 museums.

Cherkasy. Monument plumberAnnually Cherkasy hosts a great number of festivals. “Trypilski zori” (Trypillia stars) is an annual ethno-festival that takes place in the Rose Valley in summer. Cherkasy jazz days is a wonderful chance for everybody to listen to music and to be charged with optimism and good mood for the rest of the whole coming year. Festival “Drevliandiia” (“Woodland”) is a competition of wood-carvers that makes it possible to decorate parks and squares of the city with wonderful sculptures. “Zhyvyi kamin” (“Living stone”) is a bright contest of stone sculpture that is conducted in summer on the territory of the “Yuvileinyi” (Jubilee) park. “Kryzhtal” (Ice-glass) is a contest of ice images that is taking place during New Year celebrations. Food festival “Cherkaska smakota” (Cherkasy delicious food) coincides with the Independence Day of Ukraine. Festival visitors can enjoy “prosperity tables” from restaurants owners of the city.

In Cherkasy Museum of Local History and Lore, which was opened in May, 1918, one can see ancient treasures of our land, and in Cherkasy Art Museum there is a collection of artifacts of the land, sculpture department and art gallery with the pictures by famous artists.


Cherkasy. Hotel SlavicCherkasy is a city in the centre of Ukraine that has more than 700 years of history.

Significant sites of history and nature create favourable conditions for tourism. The city is located on the right bank of the Kremenchuk water reservoir, which is also called the Cherkasy sea. Clean beaches, pine woods, numerous parks, favourable primeval nature give an incentive to the development of tourism

Cherkasy has a unique coast area: a wide sand beach, going along the whole city, makes Cherkasy the capital of water recreation in summer. During Soviet times the city was famous for tourists from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, regions of Ukraine coming to relax.

What is important for healthcare tourism it’s the healing climate, picturesque park and natural landscapes, which Cherkasy is rich of. Cherkasy pinewood, that is located to the north and to the west of the city and immediately borders on Cherkasy, is the biggest solid pine wood of natural origin in Ukraine. At the southern end of Cherkasy in a pine wood at the Dnipro there is a climate resort Sosnivka, known from the end of the XIX century, located. In the pine wood there is a sanatorium “Ukraine” functioning and nearby there is a hotel “Ukraine”.

In the centre of Cherkasy next to the most interesting sites of the city are situated hotels “Apelsyn”, “Dnipro”, “Rosava”, “Tsentralnyi”.

Cherkasy. Wedding PalaceConstructed in 2002, in the Pershotravnevyi Park, the Sviato-Mykhailivskyi (St. Michael’s) cathedral, designed in the Byzantine style, became the biggest cathedral in Ukraine. Next to the temple they keep building the biggest bell-tower in Ukraine, which is going to be 130 metres high. On the Dnipro banks there is the only Buddhist temple of “White Lotus” in Ukraine, which is a copy of the famous temple in Laos, with the statues of two ancient warriors at the entrance to the chamber, brought from Tibet. Except the tour around the temple, trainees of Buddhist community “Bilyi lotos” (White lotus) would demonstrate an intricate technique of the Kung-fu school Sha-Fut-Fan’ (school of five fighting cats).

Cherkasy is a cultural centre of Cherkasy land, motherland of two genii of Ukrainian history—Bohdan Khmelnytskyi and Taras Shevchenko.

60 kilometres away from Cherkasy there is a Hetman capital of Ukraine of B. Khmelnytskyi times located – the town of Chyhyryn, where ancient churches, castles and residencies of Cossacks time are reconstructed.

Taras Shevchenko is a prominent artist and writer, whose poems are translated into 140 languages. A unique museum of one book – anthology “Kobzar” by Taras Shevchenko – is located in the centre of Cherkasy, and personal belongings of the poet are stored in Kaniv, nearby Cherkasy.

Tourists have the chance to visit a prominent creation of the end of the XVIII – beginning of the XIX centuries, known all over Ukraine and far beyond its borders, a unique landscape park “Sophiivka” that extends in an ancient Ukrainian city of Uman’, not far from Cherkasy. The park with its area of around 170 ha, was founded by the owner of the city of Uman’, Polish magnate Stanislav Felix Pototskyi in 1796 as a present to his beautiful wife, the Greek Sophia.

Leisure and Entertainment

Cherkasy offers a big variety of entertainments to any taste. One can enjoy the advantages of recreation in the open air and attend exquisite creative events. One can also play sports and relax on the beach, go fishing or have a picnic on the isles of the Cherkasy sea. Photographers say that you can take the most beautiful pictures of landscapes in Cherkasy, because the city is surrounded by wonders of the nature.

It’s been already many years that the city is famous for the numerous festivals it hosts all the year round. Cherkasy regularly hosts music festivals – “Through the thorns to stars”, jazz and rock festivals “Cherkasy jazz days”. The city has initiated the festival of ice sculptures “Kryzhtal” (Ice-glass), “Drevlandiia” (“Woodland”) – the festival of wooden sculptures, “Zhyvyi kamin” (“Living stone”) – the festival of stone sculptures. Alongside with the last one there are “Cherkasy singing evenings” in the summer theatre. Annually there takes place a flower festival and the ethnic festival “Trypilski zori” (Trypillia stars). During the Day of City celebrations there is a food festival “Strawberry – pleasure of flavour” and great reconstructions of historical events from the city life.

Such festivals as “Syla borshchu” (Power of Borsch), “Cherkaska Masliana” (Cherkasy Pancake Week), “Ivan and Marichka”, “Cherkaska smakota” (Cherkasy delicious food) have long become traditional ones for Cherkasy inhabitants and tourists.

Since 2003 in the suburbs of Cherkasy there is held the international bike-festival “Tarasova Gora” (Taras’ Mountain), that annually brings together up to several thousands of motorcyclists from Ukraine, Russia and other countries of Europe during the first summer days. This one hosts the most number of people of all the motor-festivals held in Ukraine within the recent years.

Cherkasy has wonderful natural conditions and resources for recreation of the city inhabitants and tourists. The city has long been glorious for its recreational-resort areas, numerous parks, squares, beaches, architectural significant sites of the end of the 19th—beginning of the 20th centuries.

Cherkasy has a big number of cafes and restaurants with the high level of service and comparatively low prices. Ukrainian, Georgian, Japanese, European cuisines are widely spread. Those who would like to have a snack even in the farthest ends of the city will find cosy pizzerias and pubs.

In the city there successfully functions one of not so numerous state zoos of Ukraine. This establishment is now actively developing, is annually supplied by new species of animals. Now there are 108 species of animals in Cherkasy zoo, 6 of those are included into the Red Book of Ukraine and 7 – into the International Red Book.

Nearby Cherkasy there is functioning a ski complex “Vodianyky”, opened in 2009. On the slopes they constructed a new four-seat wire rope-way and a T-bar lift of Doppelmayr company from Austria. There are tracks for both beginners and experienced skiers. Snowboard Park with three lines of ski-jumps and a half pipe is also functioning there.

International Cooperation

City of Bydgoszcz, Poland

On September, 17, 2000 the agreement about cooperation between the city of Cherkasy and the city of Bydgoszcz, Republic of Poland was signed. Exchange of on-stage performance groups, groups of artists takes place on a regular basis, Cherkasy entrepreneurs took part in exhibition-fairs of Bydgoszcz. University of Kazymir the Great from Bydgoszcz is the international partner of Cherkasy National University.

City of Jilin, the People’s Republic of China

On November, 16, 1995 was signed the partnership agreement between the cities of Cherkasy and Jilin, the People’s Republic of China. On June 24-25 Cherkasy hosted a trade-economic delegation of the Jilin City, comprising a vice-mayor and heads of enterprises.

City of Madaba, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

On September, 16, 2011, during the official visit of a delegation of Jordan city of Madaba to Cherkasy, the Agreement for friendly relations and cooperation between Cherkasy and Madaba was signed. The agreement is aimed at cooperation of the cities in various directions: from tourist sphere to sharing experience in the field of energy, economy, industry, healthcare, culture. Cherkasy regional philharmonic hosted a concert performed by the National ensemble of folk arts of Jordan.

City of Orsha, Republic of Belarus

On June, 5, 2012, during the visit of a delegation from the city of Orsha headed by the head of Orsha executive committee Mykola Lisovskyi, the agreement about cooperation between the two cities was signed. There were made arrangements as for the further development of cooperation in the economic field, as for school pupils exchange, cooperation in the cultural field.

City of Petah Tikva, State of Israel

The agreement about cooperation between the cities of Cherkasy and Petah Tikva was signed on April, 16, 2010. April 10-16, 2011 a delegation of Cherkasy took part in the work of the International Youth Camp -2011 that took place in Petah Tikva.

City of Rustavi, Republic of Georgia

On March, 26, 2012 during the visit of Cherkasy delegation to Georgia, the Agreement for establishment of brotherhood relations and cooperation between the two cities was signed in Rustavi. The arrangements were made as for the further development of cooperation in economic field, tourism, cultural field.

City of Sumgayit, Azerbaijan

With the goal of development of friendship and cooperation between the people of Azerbaijan Republic and Ukraine, strengthening of economic relations, a termless agreement about restoring of friendship connections between the cities of Sumgayit and Cherkasy was signed on September 3, 2003.

District of Wanzhou, the People’s Republic of China

On the basis of the joined Chinese-Ukrainian communiqué the partnership agreement between the district of Wanzhou, the People’s Republic of China, and Cherkasy was signed on September, 12, 2003. The First City Gymnasium and secondary school No. 2 of the district of Wanzhou have arranged partnership relations. In October, 2008 the official delegation of the gymnasium headed by the vice-principal of the gymnasium made a 10-days trip to Wanzhou as invited by the Chinese partners. Wanzhou delegation headed by the vice-mayor took part in celebrating of 725th anniversary of the city of Cherkasy on June 3-5, 2011. In November, 2011 the official delegation of Cherkasy headed by the mayor was visiting Wanzhou. The purpose of the visit was signing of the Program of friendly exchanges for 2011-2015 and participation in the VIII-th international gardening exhibition “Chongqing EXPO”, where Cherkasy presented its landscape design project.

Department of Economy and Development Cherkasy City Council

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