Living Water, “Dead” Lake – Welcome to The Kamianka Waterfall

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The Kamianka Waterfall /“Man cannot live by bread alone”. I absolutely agree with these words. Everyone needs something special and good for soul as well. Travelling is the best way to relax, broaden one`s outlook, have fun and get lots of pleasant and unbelievable emotions.

Breathtaking scenery, awesome hospitable people, picturesque mountains and rivers, unusual custom and traditions, chaplets and embroidery… It is Ukraine! I was born here and I am proud of the fact I can call myself the Ukrainian. It is my native country – my motherland, where each particle wishes me all the best, inspires and where I can feel safely and become a real personality. They say, “Your home is where your heart is”. So, I can say without doubt that Ukraine is my heart and it is a place, where I want to spend my whole life.

All people know Ukraine as the country, which is situated in Eastern Europe, famous by Carpathian Mountains, Lviv, Kyiv and the Dnieper River. If to delve into details, Ukraine is a very rich country. It is rich in strong awesome people, who are passionate freedom lovers, in unbelievable traditions, ancient history and in enormous number of beautiful and gorgeous places to see and to visit.

Have you ever heard about the Kamianka waterfall? If not, I will try to describe it for you from the best side. As this place is really awesome and beautiful and is worth to be seen in Ukraine.

The beauty Kamianka Waterfall / guide.karpaty.uaThe loud stream of this waterfall is heard from a distance. So, don’t be afraid to miss it. The magic and amazing vibe this place presents everybody with, will be inspired to you soul immediately. The Kamianka waterfall, a waterfall on the Kamianka river, is located in the National Park Skole Beskids, Skole District, Lviv Region of western Ukraine. It is considered to be a geological monument of nature and recreational tourism object.

Only imagine how powerful the water is. This waterfall is really forceful and charming. It is separated on two separate streams by a giant boulder. There are lots of naturally cracked stones around it, which essentially add to the atmosphere. The height of the water drop reaches 6 meters. The Kamianka waterfall is the most superb in the spring or on the begging of the summer. The way to the waterfall can hardly be lost, as the path is trampled by million visitors from different corners of Ukraine and world. This place is always crowded by visitors, especially in summer.

Along the road to the Kamianka waterfall, there are lots of local sellers, who sell various small but cute souvenirs, different remembrance things and so on. In addition to it, there are special places, where visitors can have a picnic near the road and the waterfall: you can choose whether an alcove, wooden table or just a place on the beautiful lawn. For the visitors` convenience, there are some prepared barbecues to grill meat and vegetables. However, if you do not want to cook something on your own, there are lots of sellers, who provide people with well-cooked dishes and drinks on different tastes and likings. On the lawn, a little bit higher from the waterfall, people can go camping and play different active games, in addition to enjoy that awesome nature and wonderful sound of the living water. Moreover, there is a possibility of horse riding there. For all lovers of that kind of sport as well as for ordinary people, it is a good idea for time spending.

Mertve Ozero near the Kamianka  Waterfall  / guide.karpaty.uaWhile walking to the Kamianka waterfall, each can visit another place, which fascinates and charms by its magic. This place is Mertve (Dead) or Zhuravlyne Lake. It is a unique lake, but note for all avid fishermen: you can`t fish there, as this lake is rich in hydrogen sulfide. This place can seem to be very magic or even creepy, as it is a bog locality and the islet with the creeping roots, moss and branches is floating in the middle of the lake. In any case, trust me, it is a fascinating and worth visiting place.
If you are a real thrill-seeker, do not miss the opportunity to try climbing this mountain “Kluch” through the Kamianka waterfall. There each will find unique boulders and quietism.

You see, the Kamianka waterfall is an amazing place, where you can spend a great time alone, with your friends or with your family. Be dead sure to get tones of aesthetic pleasure, positive emotions and a huge energy boost! Open all charms and secrets which are hidden in the place called the Kamianka waterfall. Believe me, you will be impressed by everything there!

To conclude I would like to say that, “Our life is like a book, he, who doesn’t travel reads just one page.” That is really true. Discover Ukraine. Broad your outlook and glorify your country. There are lots of places here waiting for you. Welcome to Ukraine!

Nadiia Kalitsu

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