Lutsk Upper Castle, Region: Volynska

Lutsk Upper Castle, Region: Volynska

Lutsk Upper Castle is the central building of Lutsk State Historical and Cultural Reserve “Old Town”.

Being erected by the last Grand Duke of Galicia-Volyn principality Dmitry Lubart in the 1340-1383 the Castle served as his residence. Over time, the castle became a favourite place of residence of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Vytautas. It was here in winter 1429 Vytautas took diplomatic embassies and monarchs of Central and Eastern Europe who solved the major problems of international relations at the Congress.

For centuries, Lutsk Upper Castle remained a powerful fortress, administrative, political and spiritual capital of the province. Regional Government was located there, Seims and Class courts of Volyn gentry held their meetings there.

Other winners of the project "7 Wonders of Ukraine: Castles, Fortresses and Palaces", oganised by the Foundation of Mykola Tomenko, "Motherland" (Ridna Krajina).

The famous castle office created and preserved for Ukraine over a million documents on its history. At one time future hetman of Ukraine Ivan Vyhovsky worked there.

Today’s architectural complex of Lutsk Upper Castle includes Entry, Vladich and Styr towers connected by walls; house of court noble of the XVIII century; county treasury of the beginning of the XIX century, and also the remains of St. John Divine cathedral of the XII century, the princely palace of the XIV-XVI centuries.

In the premises of county treasury there function Museum of books; in house of court noble – the Museum of Art; in the Entrance tower there is equipped exhibition of ceramics, metal and furniture. In Vladych tower one can see the arsenal and Ukraine’s only museum of bells. Styr tower is used by the office archive of the castle, and in its basement there was a prison.

In the Upper castle there is a tourist route that introduces the dungeons of the castle of Lubart, it is held not only by day but also at night. Behind the gate of the Entrance tower knights with torches, accompanied by medieval music performance are waiting for the visitors (if the tour takes place at night).

Translated by Khrystyna Vitenko.

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