There are no "younger" and "elder brothers". There is Russia and there is Ukraine – the star of the "Cyborgs"

There are no "younger" and "elder brothers". There is Russia and there is Ukraine – the star of the "Cyborgs"We met Roman Yasynovskyy, one of the main actors of the recently filmed movie "Cyborgs", in a small and cozy coffee house near the theater named after Ivan Franko. To the cinema from the theatrical scene, one of the students of the creative team "Dah" came quite recently, though he admits that he adores this new branch of his profession.

Yasynovskyy plays in the theater, starrs in the cinema, sings in the church choir at weekends, and along with this brings up a little daughter. In the film by Akhtem Seitablayev, the actor got the role of a robust defender of the Donetsk airport with the codename "Guide", whose prototype is a soldier from Crimea who became famous in the frontline.

How the process of shooting took place, what the film "Cyborgs" actually tells us about, how the Maydan influenced Ukrainians and why there can be no talk of "brotherhood" between Russians and Ukrainians. This and much more in two parts of the interview of Roman Yasynovskyy to "Observer".

- Roman, the premiere of the film "Cyborgs" was shown in Ukraine. I know that you were waiting for it very much. What are your first impressions? Was the reaction from the audience the one you had expected?

- In fact, we are very impressed with the whole team and we thank everyone who comes to see the film. I know many people who have seen it several times. It happens that people come up after the screening, thank us and say that they have already come for the second or third time.

We made this movie to be so. To make people feel, honestly perceive this film, because we also tried to be as honest as possible. Not only actors, but everyone. Director, producer, cameraman, scriptwriter ... Starting from Nataliya Vorozhbyt (screenwriter of "Cyborgs." - Ed.), finishing with the smallest roles in our film.

Ukrainian Cyborgs

- In many cinemas people applaud. This is probably also an indicator.

- You know, people applaud everywhere, wherever I am. Friends post, many unfamiliar people post on Facebook, thank and say that the audience applauded standing.

- "Guide" is one of the most striking characters in the picture, as for me. How easy was it for you to get used to the role? Do you have any similarities with the character?

- I would not say that "Guide" is like me in life. Yes, I also sometimes like to joke ... (thinks). Maybe not like "Guide" ... (laughs).

I do not know how, but when I first read the script, I immediately realized that I wanted to play this particular hero. A real push for me was his phrase "I love Ukraine," this episode. The phrase is simple, it's not difficult to say "I love Ukraine", but I felt it so much, I understood that I wanted to act "Guide".

Besides I was very interested in everything he does. At once I wrote to Akhtem on Facebook that I wanted to get to the screen-tests. They called me, but at that time I was in Odessa, and I recorded the samples on the camera.

- Did you have to play just an episode of the plot on the camera?

- Yes, I was sent the scene, I worked it, as I felt it had to be acted. And our very good operator Alexander Kryshtalovych helped to film the scene. The actors from the movie "Storozhova Zastava" Roman Lutskyy and Oleh Voloshchenko helped me act it out. Then I sent it to Ahtem. He liked it and I went to Kyiv.

- What episode with the participation of "Guide" was most difficult for you on the set?

- You know, we were so charged by Ahtem and all the people who were around us that I would not say that something was difficult. Physically – yes, of course, it was difficult. Frost in the first days of filming ...

- Did you start in February near Kyiv, if I'm not mistaken?

- Yes, February 9. The temperature was about 17 below zero, as far as I remember. Journalists came on the same day, the first day. It was not very typical for me, a lot of attention, and during that day we had to work more. That is, there were some moments that seemed difficult, but we knew that we were doing one big thing, we knew what it was for and we had to do it all as honestly as possible.

- One of the difficult episodes, perhaps, was the one where "Guide" breaks down and beats the prisoner. You should have played such a realistic hysterics and nervous breakdown.

- Yes, probably. I played this scene about a dozen times. But this is the work that I love, just turn on and play. Then "Stop!" - Shut down, that’s it. I really like it, the more difficult the better.

I try to do my job honestly, and I would very much like all Ukrainians to do their work honestly. Then we can build a strong country. Everyone says: "This is not correct," "That's not right." We must start with ourselves and do it 100% honestly, and then we will win.

- As far as we know, all prototypes of the main characters exist in reality, they are real guys, participants of those events at the airport. Nataliya Vorozhbyt even went to the ATO zone in search of these men.

- Yes.

- Are you acquainted with your prototype? Do you know that real "Guide"?

- Yes, I know him (smiles). Previously, I did not know him, I did not intentionally get acquainted with him, not to play only him, not to copy. This codename "Tatar", Marlen Misiratov, I watched an interview with him, saw a photo. A wonderful man, he really went through all these troubles that happened to my hero. He was in captivity, escaped from Crimea and immediately went to the Donbass. He's a hero.

Most of all I tried to show these guys in this role. They are ordinary people, but what they do makes them heroes.

- What circumstances did you get acquainted with “Tatar” under?

- I wrote to him on Facebook. Once I asked our chief consultant – his codename is "Dotsent (Associate Professor)", Kyryl Nedrya: "Do you know "Tatar"?” And he says: "Yes, he is among my friends on Facebook."I immediately found him, wrote to him and thanked. He did not know how much he had helped me being one of my main prototypes.

- That is Nataliya Vorozhbyt studied the guys, even sketched some scenes from their lives.

- Well, this scene, where "Guide" breaks down on the prisoner, this is a real thing from the life of "Tatar". And this situation with him in the Mechnykov hospital in Dnipro, after the captivity. "Girls will not love me.", "Who am I after that?" – these are his real words.

- Did you personally visit the ATO zone?

No, I didn’t.

- I have noticed that the generally accepted name "ATO" does not sound in the picture at all, all the heroes call the war as it is – the war in Ukraine. Was it conceived so?

- I do not think it was planned. The film is not about the ATO. It is about the defense of the airport. And in general, "Cyborgs" is not about the war, it is a circumstance in the film. There the main thing is not that we are at war, we are militant ... We show what is here and now. And it is in these circumstances that new people are born, new heroes. Real men who know what country they want to live in.

- There were the participants of military operations on the set, who advised you on certain issues ...

- Well, Kyryl "Dotsent" – he was with us 70% of the time, then a lot of other guys would come, some of them were even filmed in small episodes. Andriy Sharaskin, the codename "Bohema," who drove Nataliya Vorozhbyt around the ATO zone, was the guide and was on the set. He was also filmed at the end of the movie. There was "Redoubt", "Adam", codename "Rahman", "Marshal" - the prototype of "Subota (Saturday)". "Bohema", in fact, is a prototype of "Serpen".

At the beginning of filming, we constantly asked them something: "Listen, do I keep the automatic machine correctly?", "Listen, did I you put the armor correctly?" and so on (smiles).

- Among your early works there are episodic roles in Russian TV series ...

- Yes, but these are minor roles ...

- How are relations with your Russian colleagues today? Are they offering to work with them?

- I did not act in films in Russia, those series were shot here. Once I just went to the theater with the theater "Dah", to the festival. Now there are some proposals and invitations from companies that work for two countries, but I certainly will not play where the Ukrainians are shown as morons. Well, in Russia, I definitely will not be offered anything, "Cyborgs" were my point (laughs). At least for now, while the war goes on.

Although you know, I have a lot of friends in Russia who support me. And this is normal. These are Russian actors, but they are also filmed in Ukraine, they simply do not talk about it publicly. In general, now in Ukraine, there are fewer films made only for Russia, Ukrainian actors began to be given main and secondary roles. This is a certain level, we are growing, and this is a great.

By the way, today I saw Facebook rating IMDb of the film "Crimea" (1,2) and the film "Cyborgs" (9,7). And it's not that "yeah, we are better than you!" We are not trying to show that we are the best, we are not trying to make someone bend. We just want to show that we live in our country, strive to develop our country, to live our lives as a separate nation, as a separate world segment.

There are no "younger brothers" and no " elder brothers". There is Russia, there is Ukraine, there are Poland, France – countries that should have a strictly business relationship. And that’s it. And the fact that they impose on us, that we are some kind of brothers, not brothers ... It's just ridiculous.

We even have different languages. Ukrainian is more like Polish, Slovak, Bulgarian, than Russian. Well, what kind of "brotherhood" can we talk about?