Welcome to Chernihiv

I'm glad to greet you in the glorious and legendary city, in the northern capital of Ukraine, in the city of diversity and recreation for every taste! Today we are in the city of Chernihiv! The city, which attracts with its history, culture, sights and beauty of any, even the most demanding, tourist! It is a city of beautiful girls, mystical stories, green parks and extreme sports! Welcome to Chernihiv!

Chernihiv - a city of legends

- St. Catherine Church

When you come to Chernihiv from Kiev, the first thing that welcomes every guest - one of the main attractions of this city - St. Catherine Church, which was built in the early 18th century. Golden domes of the temple predict that the city will leave in your memory only golden memories. Is this really so - just check.

- Detinets (Castle)

Val (Rampart) of Chernihiv (Dytynets)According to the unofficial version the city of Chernihiv has over 2000 years. But the archaeological evidence nowadays date back its history only for 1,300 years. This city, founded by the Slavic tribe of the severa or severians, was appeared on the territory, which now bears the name Detinets or Val. It was the most fortified part of the city, here it was the center of Chernihiv-Seversky Principality - territorial unit of ancient country with the name “Rus”.  Chernihiv-Seversky Principality was headed by its own Prince.

Nowadays Detinets area is a favorite vacation spot of citizens and the main place to visit for all guests. Most attractions take their place exactly on the territory of Detinets. First of all, you will notice an arsenal of artillery cannons. On the old fortifications are located 12 cannons of XVIII century. For a local legend, these cannons arrived to the city as a gift from the Grand Duke of Moscow and Tsar of Russia Peter I. He stopped in Chernigov after beating the Swedish King Karl XII in 1709. For giving him a good rest, the Tsar left the city as all these 12 Swedish cannons. That's just a beautiful legend, no more. In fact, all these cannons were poured on the Chernihiv artillery factory, which was located right there. Too bad, but this factory already does not exist. The cannons also were more look like the goods in storefront, which has become in the near future one of the city`s attractions.

In the 19th century the local young ladies were harassing by the gentlemen of various stripes. That gantlemen sought a meeting with those who left a mark in their hearts. But actually ladies such meetings were not needed. So, ladies of Chernihiv came up with a diplomatic refuse to annoy fans. They invited such gentlemen to date. At midnight. At Detinets. Near ... 13th cannon. If the “boyfriend” knew how many guns standing on the Detinets - he knew that he did not shine with a lady, but if it was unknown to him. The poor man could take all night by cannons, without considering every possibility of finding the 13th.

- Animated excursion

Only on the territory of Detinets take a place an unique theatrical fascinating excursion "Mystic Chernihiv!" Animated excursion - this is a new attraction for the citizens and  tourists. Since  foundation Chernihiv shrouded in mysterious legends and mysticism. The peculiarity of this excursion - you will be able to make a personally meeting with the legendary historical heroes of the city! All the legends become alive and you will see this by your own eyes! This is actually an evening excursion, because every mystic happens usually after the sunset... All over the route there are a lot of ominous events, inexplicable phenomena and… laugh :) Let's see how it looks!

- The Transfiguration Cathedral (Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral)

The Transfiguration Cathedral (Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral)It is worth noting that on the territory of Chernihiv`s Detinets preserved an unique historical monument – one of the oldest monumental structures of Ukraine. This is Holy Transfiguration Cathedral of the XI century. Since 1035 Prince Mstislav started to build this huge object. For its building, Prince invited the best builders from the Caucasus. The temple was erected quickly, but when Prince Mstislav died in 1036, the walls of the cathedral reached only 4 meters in height. The construction was ended by one of the Mstislav`s nephews - Sviatoslav, who led the Chernigov principality after. Sviatoslav invited for the ending of cathedral builders from the territory of Bulgaria, that also were good astronomers. They calculated the movement of the sun at this latitude, and were able to create in the north tower (which was at one time the personal entrance to the temple of Chernihiv Prince) sundial. Niches on the tower is gradually filled with the sun in the afternoon, and counted so time till the evening sermon.

Nowadays the Cathedral is open for everyone and it is one of the oldest temples in Eastern Europe. By the way, the famous French Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris began to build only after 128 years from the start of building of Chernigov Transfiguration Cathedral.

- Boldin mountains

But the area, which help the city of Chernigov has a name capital of the legends is just west of the Detinets. There are the natural mountains, better to say the series of hills about 35 meters high, which are called Boldin mountains. The word "Bold" in the Old Slavic language meant nothing more than "Oak". On these hills grew the sacred oak forest, which was dedicated to the pagan god of lightning and battles Perun. Until the 10th century and the adoption of Christianity on the territory of Boldin mountains citizens from the tribe of severians buried most glorious warriors and, subsequently, the heroes of the Chernigov principality. As a confirmation of this - hundreds of small hills-barrows which are calling kurgans. The biggest of them - the kurgans of the tenth century "Untitled" and "Gulbishche". Both the kurgans have a height of about 8 meters, very rich warriors were buried in them. By the way, in the kurgan "Gulbishche" was buried the real hero of old times. His sword reaches a length of 126 cm (whereas conventional swords were the size of about 85 cm). Thus the growth of a warrior had to achieve at least 215 cm in height. Fortunately, his soul does not disturb local inhabitants. Mystic going a not so far away from pagan kurgans.

- St. Antonius` Caves

St. Antonius` CavesOn the Boldin mountains preserved an unique cave complex. He has developed here since the XI thcentury. He was named "St. Antonius` Caves" for the honor of the monk St. Antonius, who in 1069 settled on Boldin Mountains for the creation of an underground monastery. This monastery still operates under the name of the Trinity-Elias, but only on the surface. The caves, since 1967, are open for tourists from all around the world. These places are retain an excessive amount of mysteries and secrets. In our time, is available for visit only a small part of "St. Antonius` Caves"  - less than 400 meters on four different levels. In "St. Antonius` Caves"  are open three underground temples, one of them - St. Theodosius` Totemsky - the highest underground temple on the left bank of the Dnieper River in Ukraine. Its height is about 8.5 meters.

St. Antonius` Caves

But where is the mystic, you will ask? Everything is very simple. In these caves one ghost appears regularly. The complex of caves is an underground cemetery of christian monks. Bones most of them still lie in the ossuaries-kimitriyahs - special underground rooms. However, not only in them. Sometimes the monks were buried directly under the floor in corridor. Near one of such graves, where there is an inscription "The servant of God Tarasius here lies" appears punctually at large Orthodox holidays very interesting ghost. When it happens, the entire hall filled with white fog from which emerges the human figure in a monk's clothes. Phantom is peaceful, no one was hurt by it, but when you see it, you feel cold in whole your body. Would you like to take a refreshing dip in the hot summer time? Come in Chernihiv and try to wait for the monk Tarasius.

What is most interesting - you can hear the voices of angels in these caves...


- Bell tower

Bell tower  Next to "St. Antonius` CavesNext to "St. Antonius` Caves" stands huge bell tower of the Trinity-Elias Monastery height of over 58 meters.

After the ending of creating bell tower in 1775 its tip was lited up by lightning. Researchers believe that its modern disproportionately small tip is the result of a failed reconstruction. But there is another version, when the Kiev church leaders saw the nearly completed building, they have banned to erect it higher than  Kiev bell towers of Lavra (96 meters) and Sophia (75 meters). Therefore, the builders had to miss a one tier.

Let's go up on top of the bell tower and take a look at the whole city from such amazing place.

- The railway station

In addition to the historical center of Chernigov, our eyes catch a red building of the Chernigov Railway Station. It was created relatively recently - in 1950. Previous building was completely destroyed during the Second World War. The station building was built after the war with a help of Germans and Hungarians POWs. Some of them stayed in Chernigov, even after they receive an opportunity to return home.

The war has left its mark on the life in Chernihiv. Even the celebration of the city day is still celebrated in honor of the liberation of Chernihiv from German troops bythe Red Army - September 21, 1943. At the entrance to the territory of the station (from the city center) we were met by a large monument in honor of this event - Soviet tank T-34/85. It is ridiculous to say, but he is almost in alert, because the motor is still inside.

The railway station

- Castle of Glibov

Undoubtedly, Chernihiv architecture is far more interesting sights than the railway station building. For example, Chernihiv has its original and beautiful castle - the manor of the XIX century, wich was build by the famous nobleman Grigory Glibov. Citizens call it unpretentious – "Castle of Glibov".

Grigory Glibov was quite interesting and original man. Despite the fact that he was the leader of the local nobility, he wore a very strange clothes: over the short jacket - sleeveless from leather, deep leather gloves, a hat with a feather and a huge yellow boots. Glibov really wanted to be like a knight, and therefore he built the beautiful park with the building like a knight's castle with a Gothic watchtower, spiers and deep cellars.

According to one legend, the house was built to attract the attention of one beautiful  French woman, whom he met in Paris. However, Grigory Glibov had created one of the most romantic buildings in the city.

In addition to the main building of the estate, “Glibov`s Castle” includes several stone and wooden constructions. The palace was designed in the Gothic Revival style and  it is rather a complex of asymmetrical layouts.

At present in the Castle is located the main building of the Research Institute of Agricultural Microbiology of the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences.

- The Red Square

The modern city center is not less beautiful. Small but cozy. All based around the Red Square. No, no, we're not in Moscow. Chernihiv has its own unique Red Square (original sound “Krasnaya”), which name comes from the word "beautiful". Near it are located the main administrative buildings of the city as well as a large building of the Chernihiv Regional Drama Theater. It was built after the Second World War, and before him there were a lot of trade rows here – it was the original Chernihiv trade center of the 19th century. These trade rows began near the Red Square and dragged to one of the most romantic places in Chernihiv - Pyatnitskaya church.

Romantic Chernihiv

- Pyatnitskaya church

St. Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Church (Pyatnitska Church)This temple was built by the citizens in XII century on the so-called Pyatnitsky field – place for trades (so don`t be surprised that much later, here were built the trade rows). Pyatnitskaya Church for its rather big story was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. The final cataclysm began again after World War II. In 1941, the church was almost completely destroyed. Its last reconstruction took place in the original form in which the temple had once existed in the time of the XII century.

One of the surviving parts of the temple miraculously appeared one big stone. Restorers put him outside the east wall. Oddly enough, but many people decided to make their wishes near that stone, and all desires come true. Desires could be very different, but most of all this stone loves to fulfill desires in amorous affairs. So near it can often be found couples in love, that want to make a wish about being always together. And you know? People say, this stone never let down!

- The couples in love

Chernihiv, of course, not Paris. But love here is also in the air. If you look closely, everywhere, on the streets, on the benches, or even just on the lawn in a park at summer, you can meet young people whose hearts beat in unison one.

And a pair of older age can give a head start for young.

- The pedestrian bridge

Favorite place for a romantic walk in Chernihiv more than one decade of years has been staying a pedestrian bridge over the Desna River. Moreover, the place itself is beautiful: the height of 25 meters above the river, on the one bank you see the city with a river port and on the other - overgrown trees fields and beaches, which are located near the small restaurants. Railing of the bridge, according to the great international tradition have already covered with small snaps with the names of couples. Actually, this is where the real romance. But unless here?

- The musical fountain

Near the familiar Red Square, in a small but shady park, it is surprisingly pleasant surprise for each young couple that has a desire to spend evening in interesting way. It is a musical fountain of Chernihiv. You look at him for the first time - a fountain like a fountain, nothing special. 12 meters in diameter, the jet hits 10 meters in height. But as soon as dusk falls, this fountain "comes to life". In the park begins to play various music and starts dancing fountain with jets of water colored via light of different colors to the beat of music. The spectacle is truly pleasant and charming.

- Romantic dinner: Riverside vs Hradetskiy “on the roof"

It's no secret that romance is still needed for us and a good rest in a cozy restaurant by candlelight is desired. And it is desirable that this restaurant was located as much as possible in a more romantic location. So, Chernihiv, despite the fact that it is small and cozy, has several unique places for a romantic dinner.

The first pays attention to the restaurant, beach club, all in one package! A stylish place is called Riverside. The complex is located on the banks of the river Desna in quite a beautiful location. It is possible to spend a romantic evening on the terrace with a fireplace or VIP-roof terrace with a swimming pool. Panoramic views of the river and forest - an integral feature of Riverside in Chernigov.

But if you want to add even more sublime feelings, then why not visit the restaurant under the open sky at a height of 18 floors - Sky Room. It is located on the roof of one of the Chernihiv hotels called "Hradetskiy". Impressions from staying at such original place - is something really awesome. But the choice is always yours.

Chernihiv`s festivals

- Green Scene

Chernihiv very recently joined the festival culture. But this was offset quality.

Perhaps the most convenient and at the same time interesting festival in Chernihiv - a cultural and social project called "Green Scene". It brings together different areas of art and takes place in the town center every Friday from May to September since 2011. The festival brought together Ukrainian creative youth of different directions: actors, musicians, artists, photographers, poets and craftsmen hand-made.

The focus of the project - a living, far from the traditional and familiar pop folk music, and free as an improvisation, creativity is not limited in other areas of art. The main condition - it should be modern and interesting. If you want to visit Chernihiv at summer - you have an easy way to get acquainted with the city's soul, which shows its best side during the "Green Scene" street festival.

- Chernihiv Jazz Open

Another festival, which should pay attention - this is Chernihiv Jazz Open. If you consider yourself to be lovers such as jazz musical direction - no doubt that this festival will be enjoyed. If you are simply a music lover, then you are waiting for the best jazz performers and stars of world renown. The festival takes place in September every year since its official opening in 2010. Venue or in the open air next to the already well-known to you the Red Square, or on the stage of the Chernigov Drama Theatre. If you are lucky you can get a full drive of this show, impressions will suffice for the rest of your stay in Ukraine.

- Miss Tourism

Oh, how can we not mention about this wonderful festival called "Miss Tourism Chernihiv". This  is a symbiosis of beauty contest and a very bright festival. The festival competition take place during the opening of the tourist season in Chernihiv at spring. Festival "Miss Tourism" will acquaint you not only with the most beautiful girls, but also with politicians and public figures of this city. For the purpose, he puts the formation of the youth active position in life: a healthy way of life and the harmonious development of personality, to create conditions for the full expression of the contest. No wonder they say that beauty - is a power.

Extreme Chernihiv

- Dragonboat

Lovers of outdoor activities in Chernihiv can use lots of pleasant surprises. Tell me, if you have dreamed at least once in your life to ride on a real dragon? If you will say yes, then in Chernigov you really have such opportunity - to direct the big Dragonboat.

Dragonboat – is a biiiiiiiig boat 12 meters in length, which accommodating the 22 people: 20 – rowers, 1 – the steerman, 1 – the drummer, who sets the rhythm of all the rowing.

Yes, it is worth saying that this fun has 2000 years of own history and of course it was invented by the Chinese!!!

Why do you need to ride Dragonboat?

Firstly, it's great fun!

Secondly, it is a very good for your health!

Thirdly, it is a very beautiful (and the floating boat, and what you see around!)

Well, finally, after rowing you can swim, take a sunbathe, play ball (there is a volleyball court), frisbee or have a picnic on the bank of the Desna river.

Dispatched Chernihiv Dragon sail from a romantic pedestrian bridge.

- Jumping

If the float on the Dragon you do not want to, but your body wants for extreme sensations – it`s not a problem. At the same pedestrian bridge in Chernihiv you have the opportunity to do ropejumping. It is an extreme sport consisting of a jump with a rope from a high object using a complex system of depreciation of climbing ropes and equipment. Jumping come in several forms: a free fall and without a free fall (pendulum). In Chernihiv you can feel both species, jumping from a height of 25 meters.

Jumping. Chernihiv

If you've always wanted to try something "such things", but did not dare ... If you want to challenge your fears ... If the accumulated fatigue did not find a way out ...

Ropejumping may well be the same "magic pill" from fear, fatigue and complexes. And Chernihiv will help you.

- Rafting

For lovers of more modest extreme Chernihiv can offer a kind of leisure as rafting - boat trips on the river Desna. It is ideal for those who are tired of city life and wants to plunge into the world of wild lush green nature, feel the new bright emotions, get a charge of energy of the water element, try yourself in the role of Robinson Crusoe and enjoy the natural gifts of the grace of nature.

Rafting on the river Desna - is a great importance not only for lovers of active holidays, but also for lovers of nature and monuments of ancient architecture. But it is necessary to say that such a journey excursion takes more than one day.

- Karting

I wonder who of us would not even dreamed of a few minutes to feel like Michael Schumacher and a fast ride on a specially constructed track? It is also possibly in Chernigov. The main thing that attracts visitors here - the opportunity to experience the incredible feeling racer, need for speed, the need for the next portion of adrenaline. Karting - this is a sport and entertainment. Your vehicle - carts - it's just a race car without a massive body. The speed of the cart can be up to 260 km / h. Five carts, as well as well-designed trail allows all this to get to the full. You can drive as much as possible. Together with the car you will be given a jumpsuit, helmet, hold a briefing will explain the rules of behavior at the helm wish Godspeed and timing services offered so that everyone can know how much time he drove round. To sum up, if you have a desire to drive, take part in the race or just to get a dose of adrenaline shock - Chernihiv carts are ready for your arrival.

Chernihiv green

- Central Park of Culture and Leisure of the city Chernihiv

Chernihiv – this is one of the greenest cities in Ukraine. It simply is buried in verdure. And without a doubt, in the Central Park of Culture and Leisure of the city Chernihiv greenery grows most. It is located on the territory of the park in the historic part of the city called Kordovka. It is often the venue for festivals and fairs, and sporting events (athletics or sports orientation).

Central Park of Culture and Leisure of the city Chernihiv

On the central avenue of the park there are several fountains that give shade in the summer heat. In addition, the park has a summer theater, circus and amusement park (rides, a Ferris wheel). South-east of the park abuts to the pond - Swan Lake. Traveling the Chernihiv park you will find a very old its inhabitants - centuries-old oaks still guarding the city, and between the other trees are hidden a variety of fabulous creatures from local folklore. But your fear is not necessary. They are only the carved wood sculptures.

Monument to Taras Shevchenko in Chernihiv

- Yalovschina

We agree that sometimes we want to get away from civilization and the city park will not help us in this. Chernihiv in this case has an opportunity to rest in Yalovschina. This is natural tract and forest park at the same time, a monument of landscape situated on the territory of Chernihiv region. To be honest, Yalovschina is the largest natural complex in Chernihiv. On the territory of the forest park and the coastal zone of the river Strizhen take a place the conservation regime, limiting human economic activity, so that the nature here exist away from the man.

- Kazbek

Perhaps one of the best traditions of environmentally friendly holiday in Chernihiv we have to admit a walk on the Desna on the ship. Almost every evening from the city's river port everyone wants to have the opportunity to sail. Once more than half a century, this work were making the ship called "Kazbek". But old age took its toll, and now he is waiting for repair in the bay near the river port. Instead, the role-trip takes handsome ship with a discreet name "PT-150". But the tradition is so taken root among the citizens that they even a new boat called not another way than Kazbek.

At a time when the river transport is gradually disappearing into oblivion, visiting Chernihiv you still have the opportunity to enjoy such a holiday.

-ShishkiNN hotel

By the way, if you prefer a more expensive vacation, something beyond Chernihiv you have the opportunity to visit one of the best spa hotels in Ukraine - ShishkіNN. It is a modern resort located in the heart of Chernihiv vast forests on the shores of pristine tributary of the Desna - the river with a romantic name "Snov". The hotel area is surrounded by numerous lakes and thousands of acres of century-old pine forest. Austrian architecture, creative cuisine from natural products, and stunning views from the windows of comfortable rooms forever leave a mark in your heart. The sounds and smells of this untouched nature, sometimes interrupted by periods of absolute silence, to help you disconnect from the intrusive and intense contemporary reality and will give your body and soul the true rest and recuperation.

You want to feel it already, right?

Gastronomic Stay in Chernihiv

- Hryak

For those people who like first of all to refined meals in any travel, Chernihiv is also intresting city.

"Hryak" - a new restaurant in the center of Chernihiv. It is located in an old wooden mansion, which hosts restored with love and attention to detail. The old house was transformed magically and now hosts four rooms, among which there is a cozy terrace and fireplace, plus – a private room. The interior of each room is slightly different, but retained the main features: an abundance of wood (because it is an old house), sturdy tables, soft chairs and sofas, creating a cozy curtains and plants on every window - even the piano. "Hryak" is also unique in another case:  every visitor - without exception! - Can ask the waiter to escort him to the kitchen - the holy of holies of any restaurant. You can also see how the chefs prepare the lots kind of meat: it places no secrets from visitors. Today we will show a real master class  on modelling of dumplings.

- Gradetskiy

Besides the "Hryak" in Chernihiv, there is also a restaurant and leisure complex "Hradetskiy", which includes: the actual restaurant with a music-hall "Hradetskiy" - the largest and most beautiful room in the city for 300 seats, and for the convenience of guests to arrange three banquet halls in different styles which have the appropriate names - "Purple" for 60 people, "Venice" for 40 people and VIP-hall up to 20 people. Complementing this list Café «Rozmarin», that shakes his warmth and romantic design. Café harmoniously hits of European, Japanese and Ukrainian cuisine. Cafe Mediterranean design will not leave anyone indifferent. In the middle of the hall are taking place two large aquariums with lots of exotic fish, which attract the attention of you and your friends.

- Varenichnaya

If your goal is just to try the local cuisine, then you should definitely visit the whole network of cafes "Varenichnaya: Chernihiv dishes." Besides being able to enjoy the native Ukrainian color processing facilities, friendly staff and modern Ukrainian music, you will have another chance to try to prepare is the most popular Ukrainian dishes by your own hands. Finally, a network of cafes specially conducts master classes. Without further thought, it's worth it!

- Abazhur

In that case, if you have a sweet tooth, then you should also pay attention to the Chernihiv tearoom "Abazhur", which is located in the historical part of the city opposite to Detinets. Home interior in retro style of 50-60-ies, a large collection of cute things from "grandma flats" will be able to create a cozy atmosphere around you. You are given a huge selection of coffee and a good selection of teas, delicious pastries, pancakes with salty and sweet fillings, cake "Eszterházy" for weekend. Sweet holiday in Chernihiv will be provided – 100%!

Chernihiv is a Golden City! If you visit it - do not fall in love with him is simply impossible! Quiet, peaceful, extreme, cultural, legendary! It's all about Chernihiv!



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