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NIBULON Demonstrated the Work of Its Unique Vessel Capable of Deepening the Rocky Bottom of the Dnipro River

NIBULON demonstrated the work of its unique vessel capable of deepening the rocky bottom of the Dnipro RiverNIBULON, the Ukrainian agrarian market leader, leading shipbuilder, owner of the largest modern private cargo fleet, carried out experimental work to deepen the rocky bottom on one of the Dnipro rapids in Kamia

The Crimean Prosecutor's Office forms evidence for the second "Nuremberg trial" over Russian occupation forces

Nuremberg trialOn November 20, 1945, the trial over the former leaders of Hitler's Germany began in the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg. The main war criminals - politicians, military, ideologues of Nazism were convicted of crimes against peace, against humanity, war crimes.