Welcome to Ukraine!

Welcom to Ukraine!I live in the beautiful country. I love Ukraine. There are spacious fields, deep rivers and lakes, beautiful Black Sea and Sea of Azov and extensive Carpathian Mountains. Do you know that Kyyivo-pechers’ka Lavra is one of the biggest Orthodox monasteries in the world, situated in Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine)? Do you know that Ukraine is geographic center of Europe?

The City of Sevastopol

The land area of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol, their internal waters are defined under the Law of Ukraine "On the rights and freedoms of citizens and legal regime in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine" as temporarily occupied territories as a result of military aggression of the Russian Federation. The starting date of the temporary occupation is 20 February 2014.


Zhytomyr Region

Zhytomyr Region (northern part in the area of Polissya and southern part in the forest-steppe) is located in central part of the East-European plain in the north of the Right Bank Ukraine in two natural zones.

Zhytomyr Region was established on September 22, 1937. This is one of the largest regions in Ukraine. Its area makes 29.9 thousand square km. The number of population in the region makes more than 1.3 million people.


Zaporizhzhya Region

Zaporizhzhya Region is one of the impotant components of economic potential of Ukraine. For years of independence of our country the regional enterprises passed the difficult way of overcoming of economic crisis, deep reformation of property relations, structural and technological reconstruction, developing of new markets of sale and adaptation to the conditions of the market state of affairs.


Zakarpattya Region

Zakarpattya is one of the most original corners of Ukraine. This is a region with the unique geopolitical and geographical location (covering the south-west part of the Ukrainian Carpathians and Dunabe lowland). Due to its geographical features Zakarpattya has been for long a convenient junction between the countries of Northern and Southern, Eastern and Western Europe.


Volyn region

Volyn is the ancient land that is stretched out in the basin of pictiresque south inflows of the Prypyat River and in the riverheads of the Western Buh River. The land, covered with the legends of ancient times, is glorified by monuments, which remind about the fight and bravery of our ancestors. This is a region of everlasting forests, groves and valleys, blue-eyed lakes, slow and rapid rivers.