Stepan Bandera 1909–1959. One of the leaders of the nationalist and independence movement of Ukraine in the first half of the 20th century.

Stepan Bandera 1909–1959 / Andriyovych Bandera was born on 1 January 1909 in UhrynivStaryi (now Ivano-Frankivsk region). His father was a Greek-Catholic priest, and his mother was a daughter of a priest, so Stepan was brought up under conditions of national and cultural patriotism.

"Father" Makhno

MakhnoNestor Makhno became quite famous during his lifetime, and his popularity was determined by several factors. He led the peasant army being a peasant by birth. Makhno was a politician whose maximum program took into account the vital interests of the peasantry, therefore, most of people in Ukraine. He was a military leader who commanded not from behind his men, but went down to them in the trenches.

Vorontsovsky Palace

Vorontsovsky Palace. The front façadeVorontsovsky Palace is one of the most famous monuments of Crimea. It is famous all over the world. It is situated in a tourist town Alupka near the mountain Ay-Petri. Tourists come to Alupka to admire the architectural masterpiece of the XIX century. It was the summer residence of prince Mikhail Vorontsov.