My favorite city Odessa

My favorite city OdessaOf course, we all know that there are lot’s of beautiful cities in our Motherland, Ukraine. I would like to tell you about my favorite one in our country. It is “Odessa mama”. Odessa has many exciting attractions, different places of interest and famous monuments. This city has its own magic and mysterious history.

The name "Cyborgs" became synonymous with courage, persistence and patriotism of the Ukrainian warrior - Petro Poroshenko during the premiere of the similarly-named movie

The premiere of the movie "Cyborgs"President Petro Poroshenko visited the premiere of the movie "Cyborgs". The Head of State thanked the creative team that produced the movie and congratulated those present on the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Exploring forgotten places in Ternopil

Many people think that the most interesting places are located in big cities. Of course, you can visit museums, art galleries and exhibitions there. But today I’ll try to make you sure that the most beautiful and picturesque tourist attractions are situated even in small towns and villages. So, let’s start our journey to Ternopil Oblast (southern part).

NIBULON Demonstrated the Work of Its Unique Vessel Capable of Deepening the Rocky Bottom of the Dnipro River

NIBULON demonstrated the work of its unique vessel capable of deepening the rocky bottom of the Dnipro RiverNIBULON, the Ukrainian agrarian market leader, leading shipbuilder, owner of the largest modern private cargo fleet, carried out experimental work to deepen the rocky bottom on one of the Dnipro rapids in Kamia