National University "Odessa Maritime Academy". Ukraine

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Didrikhson str., 8, Odessa, Ukraine, 65029
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+38 (048) 731-10-59
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National University "Odessa Maritime Academy". UkraineNational University "Odessa Maritime Academy" is the leading higher educational establishment in Ukraine which trains officers in all maritime specialities for sea-going, river and fishing fleet. It plays a special role in the life of the city of Odessa and Ukraine. The University was accredited by the State Accreditation Board of Ukraine with accreditation level IV (the highest). The system of ship's crew training is in compliance with the requirements of the International Convention of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW -78/ 95) and other international conventions which give graduates the right to work on all types of vessels of Ukrainian and foreign companies.

National University "Odessa Maritime Academy" comprises six faculties, Azov Maritime Institute (the city of Mariupol), Danube Institute, Seafaring College of Technical Fleet, Maritime College named after O.I. Marinesco, Training and Certifying Centre for Seafarers. 

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Maritime education
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Doctor of philosophy
Doctor of science
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Phone: +38 (048) 733-23-34, +38 (048) 739-93-61, +38 (048) 728-25-14 / E-mail:
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Electric power engineering, electric engineering and electrical machinery
International law
River and maritime transport
Transport technologies (according to kinds of transport)
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