Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies (ONAFT)

HEE address: 
Kanatnaya 112, Odessa 65039, Ukraine
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+38 (048) 725-32-84
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Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies (ONAFT)

Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies (ONAFT) is a recognized in Ukraine and abroad modern, innovative research and training center with 115 years of experience, which trains specialists and scientific staff for the branches needed by economies of many countries of the world. In ONAFT, there are about 7,500 undergraduate students, about 1 500 masters, about 150 postgraduate students and doctoral students. From a total of 635 teachers, there are 105 Professors, 370 Associate Professors and Ph.D holders. 54 members and correspondent members of branch academies of sciences of Ukraine work at ONAFT. According to the qualifications of the personnel, the Academy occupies one of the first places in the southern region of Ukraine. About 200 foreigners study at ONAFT for the time being from different countries of the world, such as Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, China, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, India, Bangladesh, Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq , Israel, Libya, Syria, Morocco, Sierra Leone, Tunisia. Over the years of its existence, ONAFT has trained more than 100 thousand professionals, among which more than 5 thousand were citizens from 75 countries of the world. ONAFT has 11 faculties, 4 educational-scientific institutes, a research institute, and 4 colleges. The activity of ONAFT is recognized by many European educational and scientific centers. ONAFT successfully uses the management system in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 international standard. ONAFT is a full member of 13 international organizations, a member of 5 Erasmus+ projects. It is cooperating with more than 60 European universities.

About student campus: 

The campus of ONAFT has 7 hostels, as well as 2 dormitories of colleges. Higher education students are provided with dormitories by 100%. Hostels are located near educational buildings, in the central part of Odessa or located in the seaside zone. At ONAFT, there is a student's medical center and a dispensary for 50 permanent places and 25 places of outpatient receptions. During the summer holidays, the Southern Bug Recreation and Sports Camp operates on 155 beds, located in the forest area of the Savransky district on the riverbank. In the village of Chernomorka on the Black Sea coast, there is a sports and recreation ONAFT "Friendship" camp. The infrastructure of the ONAFT sports base includes: a training sports and fitness complex with a swimming pool where students are trained in sports sections such as basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis, boxing, shooting, swimming, tourism, athletic gymnastics, karate, Thai boxing, aerobics, break dance, shaping, and yoga.

HEE profile: 
Multidisciplinary Technical High School
Levels of training: 
Junior bachelor
Doctor of philosophy
Doctor of science
Preparatory courses for foreigners: 
Admission board contact information : 
Phone: +38 (048) 712-42-92; https://www.onaft.edu.ua / E-mail: depforei@onaft.edu.ua; sv.todorova1973@gmail.com
Centre for post graduate/doctoral training : 
Teaching in English language: 
Fields of education: 
Accounting and taxation
Automation and computer integrated technologies
Biotechnologies and bioengineering
Computer engineering
Computer science and information technologies
Electric power engineering, electric engineering and electrical machinery
Entrepreneurial management, commerce and exchange activities
Environmental protection technologies
Finance, banking and insurance
Food technologies
Heat-power engineering
Hotel and restaurant business
Industrial engineering
Livestock production and processing technologies
Oil and gas engineering and technology
Public management and administration
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