Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University. Sumy region

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Kiyevo-Moskovska Street, 24 Hlukhiv, Sumy region, Ukraine 41400
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+38 (054)-442-34-74
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Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University. Sumy region

The University, founded in 1874, is the scientific, cultural and educational center of the north-eastern region of Ukraine. As an ancient establishment of pedagogical education, it can be proud of its graduates who have taken love to Ukraine, patriotism, honor and respect to the country, spirituality from their walls. During its history, the University has trained more than 25 thousand qualified teachers.

Today, the University has established itself as a higher educational institution of the European standard. Persistent daily work aimed at creating scientific schools, raising the level of scientific and pedagogical potential, strengthening the connection of scientific and practical professional activities, developing information and innovation pedagogical technologies, implementing progressive forms and methods of cooperation in education, creating social infrastructure promoted it.

In the structure of Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University there are 6 faculties (Preschool Education Faculty, Primary Education Faculty, Technology and Professional Education Faculty, Natural, Physical and Mathematical Education Faculty, Pedagogy and Psychology Faculty, Philology and History Faculty), 3 branches (in Sumy, Bar, Kremenchuk).

18 departments of the University provide training of specialists by educational qualification levels: ""bachelor"", ""master"" in the following areas of knowledge: education, humanities, natural sciences, physical and mathematical, socio-political sciences, physical education, sports and a man’s health.

There are modern audiences, educational and scientific libraries, a rare book room, reading rooms, computer classes, linguaphone class, sports complexes, and the best in the city hostels.

Today it is a European standard institution with a powerful and efficient education system, known and renowned. It is located on the majestic Cossack land, immersed in the spirit of fame, courage, valor, honor, based on the best pedagogical traditions; it keeps pace with time, giving a thorough education to the younger generation.

About student campus: 

There are 5 hostels with double or triple rooms on the basis of the university (total number of sleeping place is 1001). 3 hostels are located in the town center on the university’s campus including well-developed infrastructure. There are satisfactorily living conditions in the hostels. The rooms for sports training, libraries, and shops function there. There is free access to the Internet, which improves students’ educational, scientific and creative activities.

In the structure of the university there is a sports complex, which includes modern sports and fitness equipment, two swimming pools.

The university has a sports, health and recreation base, which is located on the banks of the Desna River.

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Doctor of philosophy
Doctor of science
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Phone: +38 (054) 442-33-61; E-mail: zemka_oleksandr@ukr.net
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Education sciences
Elementary education
History and archeology
Physical education and sports
Preschool education
Professional education (according to specialties)
Secondary education (according to subjects)
Social work
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