Ukrainian culture & history

The National Philharmonic of Ukraine in Kiev

The National Philharmonic of Ukraine in Kiev

The National Philharmonic of Ukraine started its concerts seasons in 1863, when the Kiev Branch of the Imperial Russian Musical Society (ERMS) was founded. At the beginning of the XIX century, the development of the musical art in Kiev assumes a great  importance. Famous European musicians, as Franz Liszt and Weniawsky brothers, come with recitals to the famous Kiev Contract Fairs. Thus, the creation of the musical society turned out to be quite timely. Among its initiators and founders were such well known at that time public figures and musicians as R. Pfening, M. Lysenko, P. Seletsky, M. Bogdanov.

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Stuffed Cabbage RollsUkrainian cuisine is a characteristic style of cooking, practice and traditions related to Ukrainian culture.  Many Ukrainian dishes by name and composition have much in common with the dishes of West Slavs. If you find yourself in a Ukrainian house, you will be fascinated by the sincerity of the hosts and the homemade food.

Trypillian Civilization (6000-3500 BC)

Trypillian Civilization (6000-3500 BC) / upload.wikimedia.orgThe Trypillian culture was one of the greatest cultural phenomenon on Ukrainian territory. It is an Eneolithic archaeological culture in Eastern Europe. It extends from the Carpathian Mountains to the River of Dnister and also it extends on the territory of Romania and Moldova.