The hospitality of the Ukrainian people

Vladimir Ignatyuk. The hospitality of the Ukrainian peopleWorldwide considered hospitable Ukrainian nation.  Guests - whether requests or not - in our country, always happy, as opposed to the same in Germany, where someone come to the house unannounced considered unacceptable. In this case, you talk with threshold, not even invited to enter the house. In our country the opposite - not only introduced the guest to the house, but also trying to feed and entertain.

Bread and saltGuests in Ukraine offering the best, and the arrival of some guests over and carefully prepared in advance - clean house, lay a festive tablecloth, take out beautiful dishes, prepare tasty and rich dishes. Guests are invited to celebrate the most important events in the life of the family - birthdays, weddings, christenings or even wake. I pondered about why in Ukraine with such reverence are the guests, so started looking online materials on this topic. I learned many interesting things. It turns out that was common in ancient legend that God comes down from heaven in the form of traveler who wanders the earth, and he will visit the house, it will bring happiness owners. It is not denied to any Guest hospitality - that could offend God. I really liked this idea, it seems, there are many true, as indeed the arrival of a guest house associated with a pleasant pastime, fun, holiday. And be very guest - a very honorable and pleasant occupation. Going to visit someone, we pay tribute to him - prepare a gift or fairing. Since ancient times was made to make people visiting at your house with bread and salt.

Ukrainian traditional products / health-ua.comAfter all, these products are symbols of life, a whole new beginning, the birth of life on this earth. It was bread and salt are symbols of Ukrainian hospitality. It combines two eternal and immortal basis of life-something, so everything is born and lives. Serve the visitor the two traditional products - means to respect people, be extremely happy her stay in your home.

Perhaps it is through such deep roots and symbolism Ukrainian hospitality is famous worldwide. The warm atmosphere of goodwill and attracts visitors from all over to us. It allows people to feel needed, sincerely communicate, show respect to each other - the important things that make our lives better.

Welcome to Ukraine!

Valeria Gritcevich