A large-scale performance of the legendary song “Chervona Ruta”

A large-scale performance of the legendary song “Chervona ruta”

An impressive performance took place in Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University on February 14th. Students of university invited everyone who wanted to join a large-scale flashmob, showing their love for the Ukrainian song on St. Valentine’s Day.

In the lobby of the main building students were singing the legendary “Chervona ruta”, which is one of the most popular Ukrainian songs.

During the performance a lot of teachers, workers and all who wanted joined a flashmob. The number of participants was more than 1300.

Extremely emotional and sincere performance rallied everyone! People switched on their lights and were dancing with smiles on their faces. They synchronously and sincerely were singing: “Darling, own to me please, why you are so charming…”

The flashmob became an excellent union of Ukrainian students who showed that the words “You are my only love” didn’t belong just for one person, they sang it to show their love for the Ukrainian language and the Motherland.

The rector of TNPU professor B.Buyak, who also participated in this event, wished all the students, teachers and everyone present to find their true love and stay as happy and positive as they were on that day.

Students were converging from the library, auditoriums, other floors and buildings, sports halls, computer classes and the street. People liked the flashmob very much, so they sang "Chervona ruta" several times.

Moreover, participants were enjoyed by the performance and decided to continue such a flashmob, singing another song and offered students of other universities to support this challenge. We hope that more and more educational institutions will support this initiative!

The certificate of beating the record of the largest number of participants who performed the legendary song "Chervona ruta" was given to the rector of TNPU B.Buyak by the deputy mayor of Ternopil Leonid Bitsyura. He stressed that 4 out of 37 records recorded on Ternopil belong to Ternopil National Pedagogical University named after Volodymyr Hnatiuk.

We are proud of students of TNPU!

Yuliia Harhai

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