Ukrainian cuisine

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Stuffed Cabbage RollsUkrainian cuisine is a characteristic style of cooking, practice and traditions related to Ukrainian culture.  Many Ukrainian dishes by name and composition have much in common with the dishes of West Slavs. If you find yourself in a Ukrainian house, you will be fascinated by the sincerity of the hosts and the homemade food.

Potato Flapjacks Recipes

Potato Flapjacks with Mushrooms
Potato Flapjackswith Mushrooms /
  • 600 g potatoes
  • 300 g champignons
  • 2 onions
Ukrainian cuisine

Ukrainian Kulish As a Traditional Cossack Dish

The first thing that comes in mind when we speak about Ukrainian food is, of course, Red Borshch. But Kulishas - a traditional Cossack dish - is another exquisite dish that features our national identity.

Ukrainian Uzvar

Ukrainian Uzvar/1001eda.comOne of the ways to get to know about the country is to learn about its ancient rituals, rites, traditions and customs. Ukrainians have always been very hospitable people. Even in the distant past, they welcomed their guests with bread and salt placed on an embroidered towel – this tradition has survived up to now.

Ukrainian national dish «Pampushky»

Ukrainian national dish «Pampushky»Each country has his own traditions and customs. And Ukraine is no exception. Our country is famous for its cuisine, which stands out a variety of dishes and their taste and nutritional value. Ukrainian cuisine has a lot of recipes which are characterized by ease of cooking and delicious taste.

Ukrainian galushky

Galushky in Poltava / vpoltave.infoThe traditional Ukrainian cuisine is a big part of the Ukrainian heritage such as literature, music and art. It’s an invaluable achievement to be proud of. We have lots of different dishes you can try in every part of Ukraine. In this article I’ll tell you about a delicious meal from Eastern Ukraine. And it is “galushky” (“dumplings”).

Ukrainian Kutia

Ukrainian Kutia / banderovci.comKutia (Ukrainian: кутя) is a dish traditionally served on Christmas Eve dinner (also known as Svyata Vecherya) in Ukraine. Kutia was first mentioned in Primary Chronicle of Nestor the Chronicler in the beginning of the XII century. It is believed that good luck should come to every house where the traditional kutia is served.

Ukrainian national soup borsch

Ukrainian borsch / kyiv.ridna.ua1. What is Ukrainian borsch?

Delicious borsch with sour cream and donuts-is a symbol of Ukrainian cuisine in the whole world. There are many ways of cooking this favorite traditional meal. I can recommend you to turn to classical recipe of cooking borsch.

Ukrainian Varenyky

Ukrainian Varenyky / korysno.proThe Ukrainian kitchen can tell about our spirit, traditions and habits as much as literature, music and art. That’s why we should be proud of such treasure and don’t forget about it.