Memorial Complex “The National Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Ukraine”

Memorial Complex “The National Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Ukraine” / htwww.planetofhotels.comKyiv is not only political, financial and cultural centre of Ukraine; it is also the city that tourists visit most often here. Its history is bewitching and you could spend hours enjoying views and looking at some memorials and architecture. Moreover, to take a look at popular sights of the city one or two days will not be enough. It is almost impossible to even count all the sights around Kyiv, but the following one is important for the history of the whole country.
As far back, as the period of the Great Patriotic War it was determined by the Ukrainian government that the museum devoted to this war has to be created.
The first ever exhibition opened in 1946, but as soon as 1950 it got closed and stopped working.The National Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Ukraine started its work only in year 1974. The former Klovsky community center was made the main building of the museum. The memorial complex “The National Ukrainian Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945” was opened on May 9th 1981. This museum gained the status of National in 1996 by the presidential decree.
At present, there are about 400,000 display units in reserves of the museum, this way the exposition can be regularly renewed and updated.Also, there are some permanent layouts in museum:
«Tragedy and Valour of Afghan»;
Experts working at the museum are constantly creating new expositions for the exhibition.
Expositions and exhibitions
The dominant topic of the main exposition is the Ukrainian nation’s contribution to defeating the army of the enemies in the Great Patriotic War. This exposition covers 16 halls and consists of 15,000 display units. All the halls are arrangedin chronological order and they show the “Way of the War”. Main exposition shows us the course of murderous battles, key moments to winning, tells us about the  valour of soldiers and officers, about anti-Hitler coalition and also help provided by the ally’s forces.
Themed expositions are situated in an individual museum buiding. «Tragedy and Valour of Afghan» only occupies 2 halls and consists of numerous relics such as posters, newspapers, photographs, personal stuff and letters, that once belonged to the participants of war. Exposition «At Somebody Else's Wars» tells us about wars that happened outside the USSRand it contains around 800,000 items.
In addition, the museum has an outdoor area. The examples of fighting machines  from the times of  Patriotic War and after are demonstrated there for the visitors.
The museum guides lead fascinating excursions. The excursion on main exposition is called “Valour and Sacrifice”. It shows us the variety of main events and dates of War. And four themed excursions on main exposition describe in detail the topic of corresponding section.
Moreover, excursions can be held outside the main building:
«National Memorial» - overview excursion around the memorial;
«The Weapons of Victory» - outdoor excursion regarding military equipment.
Excursions are conducted from 10:00 to 15:30 in Russian, Ukrainian and English.
Entrance fee:
  • children – 1 UAH
  • students – 5 UAH
  • adults – 10 UAH
  • children – 30 UAH(per group)
  • adults – 40 UAH(per group)
  • Photography – 15 UAH
  • Video shooting – 25 UAH
  • Audio guide – 50 UAH
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