Lviv Region

Lviv Region is situated in south-western outskirts of the East-European plain and western part of the Northern macroslope of the Ukrainian Carpathians. There are five natural districts on its territory such as mountain Carpathians on the south, adjoining to it Pre-Carpathians sublimity, Podil plateau in the central part, and Small Polissya and Volyn sublimity in the north. The main European watershed between the basins of the Baltic and Black seas passes through territory of the region.


Luhans'k Region

Luhans'k Region appeared on the map of Ukraine in 1938 as a result of division of Donetsk Region into two regions as Stalin and Voroshylovograd. Today Luhans’k Region enters the top five highly developed industrial-economic regions of Ukraine. There is concentrated 5.4% of general fixed assets of Ukraine and 4.5% of labour resources in the region.

The area of Luhans’k Region is 26.7 thousand square km. The number of population is 2524.9 thousand people.


Kyiv Region

Kyiv land is streched in the centre of Ukraine, on both picturesque banks of the mighty Dnieper River. The archaeological sights of Trypillya, Chernyakhiv, Lebedivska and Sofiyivska cultures testify to ancient history of this land and the settlements of the region gave the proper names to them.


Kirovograd Region

Kirovograd Region is situated in the centre of Ukraine, in the interfluve between the Dnieper and South Buh rivers. It confidently became on the way of dynamic economic and social development. The regional industrial complex, where 292 enterprises operate, comprises 10 leading industries.


Khmelnytsky Region

Khmelnytsky Region is situated on the Right-Bank Ukraine, in the middle part of Volyn-Podil sublimity. It is the part of Ukrainian Podillya with its picturesque landscapes, fertile earths and hardworking people. No by chance more than one century age genius Ukrainian poetess Lesya Ukrayinka with love and genuine fascination wrote about that land: «Beautiful Ukraine, Podollya!» In the present boundaries Khmelnytsky Region has been existing since September 22, 1937, when Kamyanets-Podilskiy region was established.


Kherson Region

Kherson Region was established on March 30, 1944. Its territory is 28.5 thousand square m or 4.7% of the general territory of Ukraine. The number of population is 1150.9 thousand people, including urban – 693.6 thousand people and rural – 457.3 thousand people.

There are 18 administrative districts, 3 cities of regional submission and 658 settlements in the region.


Kharkiv Region

Kharkiv Region is the main part of historical-cultural and geographical region of Sloboda Ukraine. The massive settling of this territory with Ukrainian Cossacks, villages and migrants from Russia started in ХVІІ century. It was from the name of their settlements – Sloboda that the name of the territory derived, the Slobozhanshchyna.


Ivano-Frankivs’k Region

The harmonious fir-trees rise in the sky by green wall. The sweet-scented grass covers a mountain valley by colourful carpet. Wherever you glance over the forest greens everywhere, the Blue Mountains tower over, and between them the rapid rivers and streams discharge it pure waters to the Prut River and further to the wide reaches of the Dnister River.


Donets'k Region

Powerful industrial Donetsk Region is situated in the steppe zone of the south-eastern part of Ukraine. It was established on July 17, 1932. The area is 26.5 thousand square km, or 4.4% of the total territory of Ukraine. By number of the population (about 5 million people) Donetsk Region is the biggest one in Ukraine.

There are 28 cities and 17 districts of regional value, 134 settlements of urban type and 1122 rural settlements in the regional administrative-territorial structure.


Dnipropetrovs'k Region

Dnipropetrovsk Region is one of the most perspective, industrial and cultural well-developed centers of Ukraine, potential and reliable partner of the European Community and its business structures.

Dnipropetrovs'k Region was established in 1932. The number of population is 3 532 800 people. Today Dnipropetrovs'k Region comprises 22 administrative districts, 21 cities, 47 settlements of urban type and 1440 rural settlements.